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March 21, 2011

Zookies Cover

Did you participate in our 12 Days of Clothmas event? If you did then you might remember this review. Zookies contacted me and wanted to sponsor our Under Cover Event as well! Here is the review from our 12 Days of Clothmas event on the Zookies Cover:

Zookies gave the the opportunity to review their diaper cover for the 12 Days of Clothmas event! They sent me a super cute Shark print cover to use on my boys. You can visit her new site here or her etsy site.

(sorry for the crazy sideways pictures...computer is being silly!)

This is a great boy print. I loved it right away.Attached to the diaper was a very handy sizing chart tag. That also includes how to measure for a cover and how to wash.
Here is the diaper opened up a little bit. You can see it has laundry tabs included and they usually stay attached when washing. I was a little worried about the size of the velco tabs you use to secure the diaper on because they are smaller than all my other velcro diaper tabs but after using this cover multiple times I found that those are some strong, sturdy little tabs!
Here is the back with the cute little name logo on the back.

The inside is nice and soft. She makes her covers so that the plastic-y part of the PUL does not touch your baby's skin, like the PUL material is backwards.Here is the cover on my little guy. I used this over prefolds and fitteds. I also put it on my toddler but he could have used a bigger size because of a higher rise being needed.

(sorry, another crazy sideways picture.) Here is the diaper from the front.What I thought:
-Overall I liked this cover. I had very minimal leaks with this and if there was a leak it was probably my fault of not changing him soon enough. One thing I did notice with this cover was that if I had the leg holes just at the right tightness then the back was a little more loose than I like. This didn't cause any problems though. And this could be because of the build of my little guys chubby thighs.
-I love all the insanely adorable prints that Zookies offers for both boy and girl.

Zookies covers now come in snaps or velco!

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