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March 9, 2011

Your Questions Answered about Fitteds

We answered some of your questions earlier in the week and couldn't fit everything into one post. So here are some of your other questions that we have answered for you! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments below or on our facebook page. If you would like to send us an email you are more than welcome to as well!

Do they have OS fitteds?
-You can find OS fitteds as well as sized fitteds. Depending on the size of our child wearing the fitted might play a role in determining which kind you choose to use. A new born would probably be better in a size fitted due to them doig so small and you not wanting to put all the extra bulk on them. An older child you might benifit more from having a OS diaper that will fit them longer and the extra material used to make it a OS won’t be as much of an issue with the older child.
How long can a baby fit into a sized fitted diaper?
This completely depends on the brand of diaper. The sizes will very just as much as a sized pocket or AIO varies.

Do you have to use a cover? They are to cute to cover up sometimes!

    • -No, You do not have to use a cover. One of the neat things about fitteds is that you can leave baby in just a fitted with out a cover. But be aware it WILL get wet on the outside eventually. A lot of times moms will put their little one in just a fitted because it is all breathable material. You will find that pockets and AIO diapers have PUL in them. This is the material that makes them waterproof. It works great for keeping pee in but it doesn't allow any air to flow through the diaper. Some babies skin will get irritated from this which will cause a red bum/rash. A fitted diaper allows the air to flow through the diaper and can help dry up the rash a lot quicker as well as help prevent a rash from happening.
    • -Some moms will just keep their little one in a fitted all day and just keep an eye on it for changing time so they don’t get wet spots all over their home. There are some days where I myself do this with my toddler. He likes it because I don’t make him wear pants. I like it because its one less thing I have to fight him over plus it helps keep his bum from getting red (he has sensitive skin).
    • What kinds of fasteners are available for fitteds?
    • -Velcro
    • -Snaps
    • -Some have no fasteners so you can use pins or a snappi (Snugglebottoms)

Should I use a fleece/stay dry liner every time?
-Depending on the brand of fitted diaper you have using a fleece or stay dry liner isn’t necessary. Some fitteds come with fleece or other wicking material right in them. Fleece is a natural water repellent. It doesn't hold moisture (unless in extreme circumstances). That is why a lot of companies use it in their diapers, to help keep baby feeling dry. Do you have to use a fleece liner in your fitteds, no. Using the fleece liner is like a special bonus for the baby, it keeps them feeling dry. If you don’t use it they will feel the wetness right away and more than likely not like it and want to be changed. This can be a good thing if your getting close to wanting to potty train. They will feel when they are wetting wet and associate it with going potty! So basically having the liner in is nice for the baby to feel dry but if you don’t have it in there its not going to be a huge deal.


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