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March 3, 2011

Picky Eater Vs. Foodie

image by Kaitlin Roten of KaitlinRotenPhotography.

My two older boys, Keaton (a month shy of turning 4 years, sigh) and Benjamin (2.5 years) are total opposites in every way.

Keaton is LONG and lanky. Benjamin is longish, but has a bit of chunk (compared to big bro).

Keaton has bright red hair, light blue eyes and fair skin. Benjamin has dark eyes, dirty blonde hair and a beautiful, year-round tan.

Keaton is always go-go-go, picking up different toys and must have someone playing with him at all times. Benjamin could sit alone and play with the same toy for hours.

Keaton hates for his hands to be dirty, but I'm always finding sticks, rocks and dirt in and on Benjamin's clothes.

Keaton is a morning person - up before the sun, bright and chipper. Benjamin prefers to stay up late into the night and stumbles into the kitchen with eyes still closed, growling at anyone who dares speak to him.

When it comes meal times, the opposites continue. Every morning, Keaton wants oatmeal. Lunch time rolls around, "Mommy, I want peanut butter and jelly." Thankfully, he's pretty open to dinner time options (as long as cubed chicken isn't involved).

Benjamin - you never know what he'll ask for at breakfast, at lunch, the same thing. Yesterday, he asked, very specifically for a bologna sandwich, with ketchup, mustard, mayo, American and mozzarella cheese and the sandwich cut into four triangles.

It's a totally different "order" every day ;)

And, as long as I can get dinner to Benjamin first, he'll eat it, no problems. If he hears big brother say, "It's gross", forget it!

I write all this to get some toddler/pre-schooler lunch ideas. I have about 6 months to convince Keaton that PB&J doesn't rule the world, as his pre-school is a peanut free school!!

Are your kids pickies or foodies? What do your picky eaters love?


Where's Mommy? said...

I was a foodie - Much to my Easter European Grandmother's approval

My Brother- picky (although he's growing out of it) lets just say he drove every babysitter nuts :)

Christina said...

My first two boys are complete opposites when it comes to food too. My oldest is extremely picky. He has some sensory issues that contribute to that, but mostly he's just stubborn. He's gotten a little bit better as he's gotten older though. He'll at least taste something first to see if he likes it or not.

My second son will try any and everything. I credit this to him being exposed to a wide variety of food from an early age thanks to Headstart.

My third leans more picky but he's not as bad as my oldest. I'm hoping that my 4th son (due in June) will be a foodie. I'm going to be starting him off on a clean, primal diet once he's on solids. I don't know if we'll stick to it all the time but I will definitely be more strict about what he has than I was with the others.

Tammy said...

Have you tried Sun butter? It is sunflower seeds instead of peanuts. They are not a nut, so it is allergy safe for preschools.
My daughter is a picky eater (3) and my son (1) will eat anything you put in front of him. I wonder if it has to do with birth order?

Unknown said...

@Dreaming Mama, I've heard of Sun Butter but haven't tried it. It's definitely on the "to buy" list! Thanks for the reminder! And it's definitely sounding like birth order! :-D

Unknown said...

I was also going to suggest a "peanut free" spread, like soybutter, or sunbutter. Maybe mix a little with his peanut butter every day until he's transitioned. Or hummus? Similar texture. I don't know, I can't help much; my son will eat any food-shaped item that comes within his grab-path.

Melissa said...

My son is extremely picky and also eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich every day! He has always been that way (he is 10 now). We do have a "no thank you bite" rule. You have to try at least one bite, if you like it then eat the rest, if not then ok we will try again on another day. He is set in his ways, but he was also diagnosed with Autism at 15 months.

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