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March 18, 2011

Embellished Prefold from The Natural Mama (Review)

Are you ready for some cuteness?
I had never seen an embellished prefold until I was searching on etsy one day. This is seriously adorable!
(Apologies for the pee - apparently my little model really liked the diaper, as he wasn't in it two minutes before christening it, hehe. I was 'borrowing' a friends' baby, as my little guy was too big for this prefold once it arrived. I went to re-do the shots, and her guy was then too big. So, apologies to our readers AND to The Natural Mama!)

What makes this particular prefold unique is, not only the dyed material, but the cotton center panel down the middle of the prefold (on the super-absorbent portion of the prefold). The rectangular portion left uncovered is intentional as a snappi would pull on the printed cotton material, picking and tearing it (the snappi needs something stronger to grip to).
Diapers like this make great photography session shots too (did I mention that I'm not the world's best prefolder? hehe).
You can see all the embellished prefolds The Natural Mama has to offer in her Etsy shop. Each one is made using a Diaper Service Quality Infant Sized Indian Prefold that is dyed and match with coordinating cotton fabric.

Also, if you prefer the rectangular cut out, NOT be cut out, she can do that too, or even make a matching t-shirt!

Disclaimer: The Natural Mama provided this Embellished Prefold for Review as part of the Under Cover Month event.