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March 12, 2011

Sleepy Wrap review!

I got the honor of reviewing a sleepy wrap this week. I do not have any little babies at home but my sister just had a baby so I used Audrey (her baby) as my model. My new little one is not due until August and let me tell you this will come in very handy!!

There are many benefits of using a wrap. The best is that baby is always close and warm and not laying in a stroller on its back and being cold. Another one is while your out and you wanna breastfeed and you are kinda Leary of doing it in public, this wrap allows an awesome breastfeeding options. It allows you to do a newborn hold, classic love your baby hold, upright hold for a bit older then a newborn. There are many different carriers out there but me personally I seem to like the wrap type and the Sleepy wrap is awesome!You can go to SleepyWrap and there is so much information on their site. There are 2 different kinds of wraps. The Classic sleepy wrap which retails for $39.95 and comes in MANY colors. There is also the sleepy wrap organic which retails for $59.95 and come in only 3 colors black, natural or khaki.If you look here these are the directions on how to tie your wrap on. I did it my self and then just slid Audrey right in there and she seemed to enjoy it very much!!

Hope this review was helpful in helping you make your wrap decisions. I did not use any pictures of myself just because I am pregnant and it did not look very attractive nor very comfy while being pregnant. My sister uses it at home right now and LOVES it. Audrey is a huge cuddle bug and she love be nested right up to mommy!!! My opinion overall, AWESOME product and I would recommend it to anyone! Very comfy for my sister and me if i was not pregnant I am sure!


Love{&}Bugs said...

wow those are like a total rip off of the moby wraps

Anonymous said...

But sleepy wraps are made in the usa not china like the moby, and they are made of a more stretchy fabric.

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