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March 10, 2011

HootHoot OS fitted Baby Review

Here is another example of a One-Size (OS) fitted. This OS fitted is from Hoot Hoot Baby. My big guys love it when I put this diaper on our youngest, and it's certain to ensure hours of pirate-antics from the older two! (And if pirates aren't your thing, don't fret! There are a ton of fabrics to choose from!)
Here is the inside of the HHB. It essentially feels heavenly.
Lest I miss out on something, this is straight from the HHB website.
  • This is a fitted diaper and WILL need a cover
  • This is a one-size diaper, and will fit approximately 7-35lbs
  • No exposed snaps against baby's skin
  • Cross-over flaps fit the smallest to the chunkiest of baby bellies
  • 1 layer of heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece and Organic Cotton Velour in the body
  • 2 layers of heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece and one layer of Organic Cotton Velour in each of the 2 soakers (that is 8 layers total!)

Here are the two snap in soakers.
And a close up of the snaps - lined up how they would snap to each other, with the highest snaps snapping into the diaper shell.
First up: The diaper on my friends son and this diaper fit him great! (We merely put it on him for pictures to show a fit), but this is with all the layers snapped in. Very trim for all that is layered into this diaper and adjusted to the next to smallest setting.
It was a tad bulky in the front, but there were no gaps and enough snaps to make it a great fit! (The smallest setting was too small for him).
Next up, I tried it on my 19ish pound 6 month old. We have it on the largest setting for him and this diaper fits like a dream.
Very trim. Very snug.
...squishy bum!
Sometimes I leave him coverless (we can go about an hour or so with out a cover - he is a HEAVY wetter), but if I know a nap is coming, I throw our trusty Thisties Duo Wrap on him.
I asked, "Do you like your HootHootBaby??" I think that is a yes!
Finally, the HHB on my 32(ish)lb Toddler. Benjamin has a pretty high rise, so I was surprised to see how much of him the HHB covered. (He refused to stand "normally" - the HHB does NOT make your kiddo walk funny!) ;-)

Super duper trim for all that is packed into this OS Fitted!
We have LOVED using this OS Fitted. This is one of my "go to's" (paired with a cover) when we are going out. This diaper has held all messes (and holds a LOT). OK, and the pirate print is awesome ;-)

You can join HHB on their Facebook page for specials - be sure to say CDA sent you!


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