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March 7, 2011

Cheeky Diapers Fitted Review and Giveaway


Cheeky Diapers is a 'local' company to me. I say local because Beth the owner and seamstress of Cheeky Diapers is from Michigan, same as me. I didn't realize this right away but was super excited to be able to work with a fellow cloth diapering mommy from my state in doing a review! Cheeky Diapers offers quite a range of products including covers, fitteds, pockets and more. And the great part is that you can totally customize all the fine details of your diapers you order from them! Typically when a review item is given to me I just get to pick boy or girl. With Cheeky Diapers I got to use their fun 'design your own diaper' tool on their web site. I was able to review two items from Cheeky Diapers. A One size cover which will be reviewed in a different post and a One Size Fitted. I chose the adorably cute Blue Hang Out print. This has got to be one of the cutest fabrics!
When ever I get a new diaper in the mail I do a deep through examination to see what the diaper is all about, see what is so unique and special about it. The stitching on this diaper is really neat and tidy. It is side snapping which helps reduce bulk along the waist line, and its a one size fitted. The diaper has a snap in liner you can add to the diaper for extra absorbency if needed. It also has a pocket that opens in the front. This I think would be more for drying inside out rather than actually stuffing. I went ahead and turned it inside out and found that Cheeky Diapers uses a clear plastic-y type of elastic that is sewn right along inside the diaper. I haven't seen this type of elastic before so that was kind of neat.

The pictures below show the following:
1- The fitted opened all the way up.
2-The inside of the fitted is nice and soft. It is made with an organic cotton fleece layer that goes against baby's skin. After multiple washings it has remained super soft.
3- The third picture shows the waist snap tabs. There are two rows that go across the waist on each side. (As I said earlier, this is a side snapping fitted). You can also see a single snap right in the middle of the back of this. That is for the snap in insert.
4- The last picture shows all of the snaps you can use to adjust the rise on this OS fitted. I stretched this out as far as I could and it was pretty long. The area between the legs is pretty narrow to. It didn't seem to be over wide as some fitteds I have tried are.
In the photos below I tried to show the various sizes that this OS fitted can do. There are about 7 different rise settings you can choose from with this OS. It should fit newborn up to 40 pounds.
The picture on the top two pictures show the diaper set to the smallest settings possible (waist and rise). It seems pretty thick and I don't know how it will fit on a newborn. I might have to try it out on my sisters new baby to see. :) I then put the fitted on a small basket ball...sorry seems kind of strange but I wanted to be able to show it in various sizes. I have the rise snapped down to just to the first row. The bottom right picture I have the diaper opened up all the way.

So you are probably wondering how I liked this fitted on my little guys. Here are some pictures:

I had the rise set down two rows in this picture. It seems to have a pretty good fit. I will typically adjust the rise for this after I get it on my baby for a couple of different reasons. The first being I usually have to unsnap this to get it to dry faster, second depending on which boy I put it on and whether or not I use the snap in insert make a difference as to which rise setting it needs to be on. This is on my 9 month old 20 pound son. I really like how this looks on him.
Because this diaper has such a large range of rise settings mean that there is a lot of fabric to run from front to back. If you have a smaller baby the rise is be set to a smaller setting which will mean that there is going to be a lot of fabric bunched up in the front of the fitted. With the rise set two rows down you can see that the bulk is not bad at all or that there is a huge lump of fabric sticking up.
Here is a back shot from the top. After I had the rise snapped in and I turned over my beautiful model to get some back pictures I realized that a little bit of crack was hanging out...opps! I probably should have snapped the rise to only row one rather than row two! But it was easy to fix. If you look at the very bottom of the diaper you can see two snaps between his legs. That's how far the rise snaps go! There is also elastic all around the waist which helps to contain big messes.
Here is the back side shot. As you can see it needed to be set to one rise setting bigger in order to fit his bum correctly. It is a really trim fitted and has had a great fit every time.

What do I think of this fitted? I am very happy with how it has worked for me. I love how versatile it is for size range with the rise and the waist. You will have a pretty good probability of this fitting your child. I have not had a leak with this fitted. It is incredibly absorbent. Plus you can add in the extra liner and have even more absorption which is nice for night time or naps. When I had the snap in liner in the diaper I found that the main part of the fitted was barely wet. One thing that I do not like about this fitted is how long it takes to dry! Oh my! Each time I dry this I run it through a long dryer cycle and then its still pretty damp so I hang it for a day and over night and then I have to turn it inside out and let it hang for the rest of the day. Sometimes even after that it is still slightly damp. I have also done two full dryer cycles on it and had it still be slightly damp.

As an added bonus for this fitted you can use it as a pull up potty trainer! This was actually the first thing I used this for. My toddler is sometimes anti diapers and so I convinced him to put on the fitted like underwear. I snapped the sides of the diaper and then had him step into it. It was perfect! He was happy, I was happy, it was all good. I didn't use it with a cover. I just let him run around without pants on and I made sure to keep an eye on it for wetness because basically 'when it rains, it pours' for that little guy.

If you would like to see the great prints available for this fitted go here.


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