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March 5, 2011

Under Cover: Here we come!

I can't believe Under Cover month has finally arrived! I am so beyond excited for this event. Its time to give some love to the underdogs. Under Cover will take place for three full weeks on multiple blogs. Each blog will be focusing on this event for the three weeks. On the different blogs you will find reviews, giveaways, hints, tips, tricks and much more about fitteds, prefolds, flats, contours, covers, wool, fleece and our experience with these items.

Here is a basic run down of how this event will run:

Week One: Fitted's
-During week one Fitted's will be the main focus. Why fitteds? Fitted's can be a great option if you are looking for something a little cheaper than AIO's and Pockets. They are not the cheapest option but are close to it. Fitteds are also a great choice for parents who need to save the money but want the convenience of something a little more easy. Most fitteds come with some kind of closure and if they don't you can easily use a snappi on them. Fitted's are not water proof and need to be used with a cover. Although some people prefer to leave the cover off if hanging out at home to help let the babies bottom get a little bit of air flow. Fitteds can also be found with some super cute prints on the outside so why not show them off!

Week Two: Prefolds, contours, flats
-This is the big reason for this event. Prefolds...YIKES! Aren't those the things our grandmothers used on our parents when they were babies? Well, yes they are but boy how they have changed! Not only is the material a way better quality but how you use them have improved immensely over the many years. No more pins and worrying about poking baby. Also, don't worry about not knowing how to 'fold' these diapers. We will cover all that information during week two! Prefolds are also the cheapest way to go when Cloth Diapering, which is a big reason a lot of people switch to cloth in the first place right?

Week Three: Covers
-Well I guess if you are going to be using prefolds and fitteds you need something to go over top and what is better than an awesome cover? Look out as we introduce you to a huge variety of brands and materials that are used for covers from fleece, to PUL to wool. No more pull on plastic pants, we will show you how easy this can really be.

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