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March 24, 2011

Bummis Polar Fleece Cover

Go Green Baby sent to me a Bummis Polar Fleece cover to review for Under Cover month along with the BabyKicks Prefold I reviewed here. When I was first looking over the different covers I wasnt sure which one I wanted to review. I already owned a good selection of covers and this Bummis Polar Fleece cover I hadn't tried yet. I actually didn't even know that Bummis made a fleece cover! I did a little research to see what I could find out about this cover. Here is what I found:
"This is the latest in diapering miracles - a micro fleece diaper cover from Bummis! The Polar Bummi combines hi-tech performance with super softness and comfort. Two layers of breathable fleece with a highly breathable laminate sandwiched inside - this diaper cover is the ultimate in comfortable diapering wear. Not too hot - not too bulky! Will fit great under baby's clothes. The high quality Canadian-made micro fleece of this cover is manufactured to Bummis own specifications. It is a truly amazing new age textile. This is a densely knitted but lightweight, anti-pill fleece that will wick moisture away from baby’s skin while the interior waterproof laminate prevents any moisture from leaking onto clothing."
Looking at the above picture you can see that it is quite similar to Super Bright cover made by Bummis. It has the same build and leg gussets. It is also nice and soft!

One thing that I have always loved about Bummis products is their velcro. I don't think I have ever had a problem with them coming unhooked in the wash. When I opened up the tabs on this cover I was a little skeptical. Look at that tiny little square that is supposed to hold the waist tab down! How in the world was that supposed to work!? Well, I have no idea but it did!
The leg gussests on this diaper are really nice as well.

Here is the cover on my little *tear* 11 month old. He was so squirmy while I was trying to get these pictures that I didn't have a lot of luck. I only got the one picture above. I have the size large in this cover and It had a nice fit. In the above picture he was wearing a fitted underneath so it was a little puffier than it would have been with a prefold.

My thoughts:
I really like this cover. I will say though that I was surprised that it had a 'highly breathable laminate' sandwiched in between. I really can't tell how breathable it is. I was thinking that is was completely fleece. Anyways, the cover fit nicely on my baby. It did go a bit higher in the back but I think that is because he is on the lower end of weight for this size. Unfortunately I do believe this cover is being discontinued but you can find it online.