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March 14, 2011

YIKES! Prefolds at night?

What do you recommend for night time diapering with prefolds?

With our toddler, who has more poos, we simply trifold the prefold with an insert (either mircofiber insert, like BumGenius, or a Babykicks Doubler) laid on top. To help with sensitive skin, we lay a fleece liner on top.

When my son was a newborn I just used one prefold in a cover and we were all set, but obviously as baby grows the amount of pee they produce increases. Adding a hemp insert into the middle of the prefold helps with that. If you have a baby that doesn’t like to be wet at night try adding a fleece layer over top of the prefold to provide them with that nice stay dry feeling.

For us, we simply take a prefold with a BabyKicks Hemp doubler, tri-fold the prefold around the doubler and top it off with a microfleece liner (as our guy has super sensitive skin. The microfleece helps to wick away the moisture). We finish it off by laying the whole deal in a PUL cover. See the step-by-step pictures below!

The BabyKicks on the left and a Large DiaperRite prefold on the right
The BabyKicks is placed in the center of the prefold (the extra center panel runs left to right, as opposed to top to bottom - it fits in the cover better this way).
Then I fold over one side...
Then the other, making a sandwich.
I place a microfleece liner on top to wick away the moisture quickly (Benjamin is typically in this diaper for 12-13 hours) ((I don't know WHAT brand the MF liner is. A friend was clearing out her stash of cloth diapers and gave those to me. She didn't know either.))
I lay the whole combo in a cover (pictured here with a Bummis Super Snap Wrap)
Fold it up and it is ready to go!


bekah said...

Thanks for this tip, this is great!
I'm very excited about prefold week- since we use prefolds 95% of the time! I really have grown to love them more than my pockets & AIOs.

Tiffy and Family said...

Great, thanks so much! With my first 2 I never really found a good cloth night time solution and ended up using disposable overnight diapers. I also never used prefolds. With a baby due in April we are trying prefolds and I will definitely try this option for overnight! Your blog is amazing. Thanks for all the great tips and reviews.

Boise Wiebers said...

I've been wanting to try something like this. Thanks for the pictures.

JLJMommy said...

I only use prefolds and fitteds at night and have done this trick before. Awesome! Love your blog!

Amanda said...

Love prefolds! We haven't been able to use them overnight alone, this looks great!

time4latte said...

Looks like it's worth a try. As a side note Bummis does not recommend tucking diapers underneath the flap at the front because it can cause wicking (on either the SWW or the SS).


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