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March 6, 2011

Fitteds Week


Welcome to fitteds week! This week we will show you some great fitted diapers, explain as much as we know about them and hope to make some people happy by giving away some great fitteds! We have had the opportunity to use and review multiple fitteds, different styles, brands and looks.

We have received numerous questions in regards to fitteds. On this post and another post during the week we will be answering those questions and if you have any more you would like answered please feel free to ask!

What is the point of fitteds?
-Why use fitteds when there are pockets, and AIO’s? A lot of moms like fitteds because they are nice and absorbent, you can find them in lots of great prints and they are breathable. They are kind of like the middle ground between prefolds and pockets/AIO’s as far as price goes. Fitteds are easier to use than prefolds because they have a closure of some kind. So if you are wanting to go a cheaper way in CD’ing but want to avoid prefolds, fitteds are a good place to start.

Pros and Cons of fitteds:

    • Pros of Fitted diapers
      • Easier to use than prefolds
      • Very absorbent
      • Breathable
      • Cheaper than AIO’s and Pockets (as long as you buy the right brands)
      • Super cute
      • A good fitted and cover will hold up better than most pockets
      • Made with high quality fabrics
      • Fitteds are good for heavy wetters vs. pockets that need to be stuffed full for the same protection
      • Good for keeping poo contained, especially EBF poo.
      • Almost never have to worry about leaks
      • Fit well
      • You can tell if the baby is wet easier and change them sooner
      • Great to use with out a cover, especially with newborns, because it allows the skin to get air to it.
      • Easier to find made with natural fibers, and organic cottons, hemp and bamboo
      • Dry quicker than AI1’s and AI2’s (depending on the brand)
      • It is an OPTIONAL 2 part system. The cover does not have to be used.
    • Cons of Fitted Diapers
      • Not water proof and will leak
      • Expensive considering you still have to buy a cover to go over them.
      • In some cases a fitted will cost as much as or more than a pocket or AIO diaper.
      • You have to use two pieces, but can reuse the cover.
      • Baby can feel the wetness, not stay dry
      • Bulky
      • You have to touch the wet fitted to take it off.
      • Fitteds tend to be the cutest diapers ever made but you have to cover them up and the covers are NEVER as cute!
      • Using a PUL cover requires and extra step.

What to look for when buying fitteds:

    • Price
      • You will want to make sure the fitteds fit in your price range. If you are looking to use fitteds as a way to save money but still be able to avoid prefolds, pay attention to the price. Some fitted diapers can cost as much as or more than pocket diapers and AIO diapers.
    • Materials
      • A lot of people choose to use fitted diapers with covers because of the materials used to make them. You can avoid the micro fiber and other non natural materials by selecting fitteds. Most fitteds are made with cotton, hemp and bamboo and you can find them made with these materials in organic form.
    • Prints
      • One of the big things with fitted diapers is the cuteness factor. Lets face it...who doesn’t love looking at adorable fluff? The variety of prints available on fitted diapers far extends the variety available in diapers made with PUL. What is the point of buying these adorable fitted diapers when you have to cover them up anyways with a cover? It’s simple really. Fitteds are GREAT to use with out a cover. Keep in mind that if you are venturing away from home you will probably want to keep a cover on the baby so they don’t leak through on to everything but while at home let the cute fitted go uncovered. This will allow the air to flow through and let the baby’s bum air out, which is great if you are dealing with a bad rash.
    • Absorbency
      • Each brand of fitted diapers uses different materials and different amounts of it. Some are extremely big and bulky and others are nice and trim. However that doesn’t mean that the bulky one will be more absorbent. It really depends on the material used to make it. Cotton, hemp and bamboo will soak up and hold a lot of liquid. Make sure you check out the materials that are used to make the fitted. If it contains microfiber it will absorb a good amount but the chances of it getting compression leaks is very high.

The Cost Factor with Fitteds:

I will give you a basic scenario of fitted diapers vs prefolds and pocket diapers. I will use what I started out with when I started cloth diapering my 1 month old (at the time). I purchased 3 covers and 12 prefolds. Here is the costs before taxes:

Prefolds and Covers

3 covers at $12.75 totaling $38.25.

2- 6 packs of prefolds at $15 a pack totaling $30

A total of $68.25 giving me a total of 12 diapers

Pocket Diapers
12 Pocket diapers at $17.95 each
A total of $215.40 giving me a total of 12 Diapers

Fitteds and Covers

3 Covers at $12.75 totaling $38.25
12 Fitteds (Thirsties Duo) at $17 a piece totaling $204
A total of $242.75 giving me a total of 12 diapers

3 Covers at $12.75 each totaling $38.25
12 Fitteds (Kissaluvs fitted) at $12.95 a piece totaling $155.40
A total of $193.65 giving me a total of 12 diapers

3 covers at $12.75 each totaling $38.25
12 Fitteds (Happy Heinys Sherpa) at $10.50 each totaling $126.00
A total of $164.25 giving me a total of 12 diapers

So as you can see looking at the different scenarios that fitteds do cost more than prefolds but if you can find a fitted that works well and is on the lower end of the price range they can be cheaper than getting pocket diaper and AIO diapers.

What makes the cost of the fitted very so much is the materials that it is made with as well as whether its a factory made or WAHM made item. Organic materials will cost you more money and WAHM fitteds will probably be a little higher in cost due to them being made one at a time by hand.

If you have any other questions about fitted diapers let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. We would love to help you out!


mrsm said...

this is great! thank you!

Christina said...

Great explanation. I'm just learning about cloth diapering and was at first drawn to pockets and AIOs, but the more I learn the more I'm interested in prefolds and fitteds, at least for the first few months. This post has been really helpful.

Beth said...

These can be SUPER cheap. I recently made my son some fitted diapers, a whole set of 18 fitted diapers, and 3 covers, it cost me a whole whopping $12. I used old t-shirts for the cuteness, and used fleece on the inside of the fitted so they don't feel the wetness, and I had everything on hand as scraps, so yeah, I loved them, but I'm glad it was all scraps, because my son went through a growth spurt and no longer fits in them, which is the sad part.

Jessi Gonzalez said...

I learned a lot from this post. I am new to CD'ing and this was very enjoyable to read! Thank you!!

Erin said...

Great post! I had some questions about fitteds that have now been answered, so thanks! :)

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