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March 25, 2011

Milk Made Momma

Using Wool covers requires a little more than just your normal cloth diaper detergents. With wool you have to use the right kind of soaps/washes so that you don't ruin the material. Once I received my wool I had to find something to lanolize it with as well as wash it with. I contacted Milk Made Momma on etsy and was given the chance to review her Pure Lanolin Soap.
Here is a little bit of information about the soap taken from her store:
"Here at MilkMadeMomma, we choose to keep ingredients simple, with names you can recognize and pronounce! As a result, our products have a shorter shelf life (6-12 months), and are closer to Nature and better for the environment...AND your Baby's skin!"
I was able to convo back and forth with Becca from Milk Made Momma about the soap which was so nice becasue I honestly had no clue what I was doing. Here is a little bit of what she told me:
"I have used everything I sell. I especially love the WoollyMomma Lanolin Soap...its mild and lightly scented in Warm Coconut. Its good for lanolizing while you cleanse your covers/soakers/inserts. The Wash is good for spot treatment (like if Baby poops on your wool!) without stripping your wool fibers down (which is BAD! The lanolin on the fibers is what keeps your covers supple and water-resistant!)."

Becca was more than willing to answer any questions I had and was a huge help.

The bottle comes with a nice pump to use to squire out the amount you need. I followed the directions for washing and lanolizing. I used my sink to do all of this in. After filling the sink with the recommend water and amount of soap I...well the cover, too the plunge. Into the sink it went. I thought it looked cool so I took a picture! I had to push it down into the water to get it soaked so it would all be covered evenly.
And then you wait for what seems like forever, well at least it does for a first timer...
I then drained the sink and rinsed with cold water. I'm not sure if this is how everyone does it but this was what I had found out during my research. I also learned that should not sqweese or twist the soaker because it will cause it to loose form and it won't fit like it's supposed to. After rinsing it I gently pushed on it to get excess water out.
Then I laid it on top of a towel
Next I rolled it up nice and tight and squeezed it as I rolled to get out any water I could.
All rolled up. I pushed on this some to get more water out.
Then I unrolled the towel and had to get a picture of the imprint the cover left.

Then onto the top of my washing machine it went to dry...and dry...and dry...It took about 36 hours to dry completely before I could use it. I did flip it inside out about halfway through because the inside was pretty damp yet.
While the process of caring for wool may seem time consuming it really wasn't to bad. I was still really nervous about doing everything because I was afraid I was going to do something wrong. The soap that Milk Made Momma sent me smells really good. I never had to use it for the spot treating but I thought it did do well to wash and clean it up. Some moms will wash their wool covers every 4 - 6 weeks but Becca from Milk Made Momma said she usually does hers about every 3 weeks. It just depends on how much the cover is used and if it gets soiled. The soap also contained lanolin in it but I did have a little bit of a problem with the soaker getting wet. I'm not sure if this is normal ( I wouldn't think so) but I also think part of my problem was because the item I was using under the cover wasn't that absorbent.

If you are in the market for some soap I would recommend Milk Made Mommas. Not that I have tried a whole lot but I was pleased with its performance. Becca was wonderful to work with and I appreciate her allowing me to review her soap and giving me helpful advise!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for an lovely, informative, and beautifully photographed review! :)