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March 21, 2011

Cheekys Cover

During our first week of Under Cover I wrote about Cheeky Diapers, but it was their fantastic fitted that I reviewed. You can find my review here. This week, in honor of covers, I get to share with you all about this OS Cheeky Diaper Cover. Unique in is own special way. I bet you will have a hard time finding any other cover like this one. I again got to choose what fabric I wanted my cover to be made with. I got the same cute wooded creature print and then white trim and gray back ground. Turned out awesome. Make sure you check out Cheeky Diapers cover designer. You can pick your fabrics and click the ones you like to see what they look like together. Its so fun just to play around with! Go here and scroll down and you will see all the options!
Okay on to the cover... As you can see in the picture above this is a nice size cover. It also has cross over tabs. What you don't realize though is that the Cheeky Cover has an awesome feature hidden within...

Cheeky Cover's have a special set up on the waist and tabs. Not only is this a VELCRO diaper but it also had SNAPS! Do you prefer snaps because LO likes to rip off his diaper but hubby likes velcro because its 'easier'? This is the cover for you then. The snaps don't have to be used but they are great for the little kiddo that likes to try and remove their diapers. Imagine them trying to pull off snaps AND velcro! HAHA Anyways, there is velcro all across the front waist of this diaper and there is a snap on the wings. The wings allow crossing over.

The front of this diaper has a row of snaps across the front of it. To make this a OS cover and make it smaller you fold the front of it down towards the out side. This will reveal a second row of snaps, as shown in the picture below. You can then snap the tabs on here.
Here is the cover on my son over top of the Cheeky Fitted. It has a great fit on him.
I can't get over how cute this fabric is! I love to use this just because its so cute! (and it works great). Here is a side view of the cover.
I use the second to last snap on the cross over for my 10 month old. I also use the velco.
What do I think? Once I get over the cuteness factor of this cover I still really enjoy using it. Having the option of snaps and velcro is brilliant for sure. My husband HATES snaps and will dig through and dump out every diaper basket until he finds a diaper with velcro. So having this cover with both options is nice. I like having snaps because they hold better than velco so its a win win with this cover. Because of the size of my son we didn't get to use the fold down sizing on the cover but I did play around with it a little bit. It was a little tricky to figure out where exactly to fold down at to get the snaps lined up right were the cover wouldn't pull down and expose the tummy to velcro on the tabs. The sewing job on this cover is great and I have no doubt that it will hold up very well. I didn't have any leak issues with it either. I did try to use a different fitted diaper under this cover and have found that I had to tuck the fitted up into the cover because it almost seems to have a higher cut on it. Other than that this is a great cover to have around.

If you would like to see the great prints available for this cover go here.


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