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February 22, 2012

Modified Momma Creations - OS AI2 Review

I have been a Facebook fan of Modified Momma Creations for some time. I was thrilled when Nikki (the mom behind MMC) agreed to a review of one of her diapers. She sent me this beyond-adorable OOGA AI2 (which I'm really starting to find a love for - the AI2's...I've loved the OOGA print since I first saw it!) ;) There are quite a few things I love about this diaper:

The nice, tight elastic. It is so tight and snug, but it doesn't leave red marks on Caedmon's legs. It also proved to hold in some extreme messes!
The trimness. I don't really mind if my kiddo has 'cloth diaper heiny' or 'fluff butt' (I think fluffy bottoms are pretty dang cute), but, seriously. t.r.i.m.!
The inside has a snap in ZorbII. I had never used Zorb before, I was wow'd...
Nikki has created her AI2's with the option to snap in the front or the back, so boy's have the option to have the insert snapped in the 'business area' :)
Lots of snap options! Since it is one-size (OS), there are two rows of snaps to adjust the rise. There are also cross-over snaps on the waist for those skinny-waisted babies!** Nikki did change her snap configuration since I received this diaper for review. The double row of snaps is now in straight rows as opposed to angles.

If you've never used Zorb before, here is a close up. It is so unbelievably, incredibly soft. And extremely absorbent (hence the name!) It's kind of squishy and stretchy so you can wrap it up and around your little one for a nice, close, snug fit before placing the cover over.
I emailed Nikki and shared with her our first experience with this diaper. Long story short, Caedmon was in this AI2 for about 5 hours (the last of those, asleep on me...yikes!) Having never used the Zorb before, I was really worried those last couple hours...I kept tricking myself into thinking I was feeling...warmth. No. Not a single drop leaked out.

We could always get a nice snug fit, though it did take a couple tries with my squirmier to get it just right. (I felt like the waist tabs looked funny, but my husband, who can see outside of the box, showed me how it would look more "straight" if the cross over snaps were being used). I was worried that the extra "flap" would cause leak issues, but it has not!
As I said, there was always a super snug fit around the thighs, and, even with as snug as the diaper is around his legs, no red marks.
The back elastic provided an amazing fit as well, and did the job holding in the mess created!
On the info page, Nikki highly suggests drying your diapers to extend the life of them (If you remember, I spoke of that in the past as well when I had some diapers repaired). I have been doing that and both the cover and the Zorb dries super fast!

Nikki makes a wide variety of items which you can find on her website, as well as her Hyena Cart, both under the name Modified Momma Creations. You can purchase semi-custom diapers (which can be made into pockets, fitteds, AIO or AI2), electronic sleeves, contoured Zorb inserts and food baggies.

Not only does Nikki make extremely high quality product, her fabric choices are AWESOME. As I browsed her past creations albums, I drooled over the most amazing modern and vintage prints!!

Disclaimer: I received one AI2 in Ooga print for review. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience.


Love{&}Bugs said...

I must be dumb because I can't find hardly any diapers on her page. I do love the print you have though! I'm ooga obsessed!

Unknown said...

Sorry, I just saw this!!

Here's a link to a few, I think she's been stocking with the co-op and getting ready for that - http://hyenacart.com/stores/ModifiedMommaCreations/index.php?c=3