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February 28, 2012

Ruthie Truthie: TRUTHlets

Back story: When I was in college, in the middle of Tennessee, through mutual friends, I met a girl named Stephanie. I graduated and moved back home to Virginia, where I met this amazing man. He & I got married, and a few months later, moved to Raleigh, NC where he would start attending seminary to work on his M.Div. We found a church we loved and joined the new members class. Sitting in the first class, we watched people enter the room. In came a couple, I just KNEW that I went to MTSU with them. It had been a couple years, and we had all changed a little, but I KNEW it was Stephanie and Josh (who I also had met at MTSU). They sat down in front of us and I was speechless. We had to go around the room and give a little info about ourselves. My jaw hit the floor as they said they went to MTSU. When I said it, they both spun around and some "wow's" were exchanged! So random and so neat to have our paths cross again. They moved a couple years later to help with a church plant in Florida, but while they were in NC, Stephanie started creating and selling some amazing creations.

Fast forward to now: Stephanie has started Ruthie Truthie (formerly ETC....Cards) and is making TRUTHlets like crazy!

So, what is a TRUTHlet? A super soft, handmade cloth bracelet with your favorite scripture (or quote) printed on it.

The bracelets close with 1-2 buttons and an elastic loop.

The TRUTHlets easily wrap around your wrist and allow your favorite verses to literally be at arm's reach.Stephanie also makes gorgeous Bible covers that can be customized to your specific desires.

Another awesome feature of Ruthie Truthie is the Adoption Fundraising Package.If you are adopting, you can purchase 25 TRUTHlets with a personal message at a discounted rate to resell them to put the funds towards your adoption. Stephanie also suggests using fabric that is representative of your child's culture to add a personal connection for those supporting you!

You can also keep up to date with Stephanie's creations on her Facebook page - be sure to let her know that CDA sent you!

Disclaimer: I received a TRUTHlet free in a giveaway. All opinions are my own.