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February 27, 2012

Cheeky Fluff

LinkWelcome Cheeky Fluff!

Rachael from Cheeky Fluff contacted me and asked me to review a diaper for her. I was sent this cute turtle print diaper to use on my son. Let me just start of by saying this is the cutest diaper ever! Maybe I am just partial to it because I love turtles and its the only turtle diaper I own but seriously look at it! It's so cute!
This diaper features cross over snaps and is a OS diaper. The rise snaps are brown so kind of hard to see in the picture but there are 4 different rise options.

This diaper is made with 100% cotton outer materials, and has a hidden layer of PUL for waterproof-ness and the inside is lined with a soft anti-pill fleece. The diaper is turned and top stitched.
I love the snap colors used on the diaper. The orange snaps really pop on it!
Here is the diaper opened up. I think having two different materials is a really fun look.
The inside of the diaper, like I said above, is lined with a soft anti-pill fleece. The diaper comes with two soakers. A newborn soaker which is made with 6 layers of cotton fleece and the toddler size soaker is made with 5 layers of cotton fleece. As you can see in the picture above the newborn soaker has a snap that you can snap onto the shell or into the toddler size soaker. The toddler size soaker can then snap into the shell, like in the picture below.
Here is a side shot of DS wearing the turtle diaper. I had it put together with both soakers and as you can see it is pretty trim.
Rear-view shot...DS didn't want to hold still for pictures!
And the front. I am able to have this snapped pretty tight around the waist with room for him to chunk up some more. Right now he is pretty average build, not rolly polly and not super skinny.
And here is my little mover doing some tricks for us! Silly boy!

What do I think overall:
-Well we already know I love the print of this diaper. :) The fit on my DS is pretty good right now. We can use the diaper with it snapped down just to the first snap or leave it open. He is kind of in between rise settings but we don't have a problem with it on either setting. I typically use both soakers in the diaper at the same time just because DS is a heavy wetter. Usually around the 2 hour mark when I change diapers there is still plenty of dry material for him to soak so the diaper does hold a good amount. We haven't had any issues with leaking which is something I was wondering about because it is a little narrower between the legs and on the butt unlike most of our other diapers but it has not become and issue at all.

If you are looking for a nice WAHM AI2 diaper system with cute prints you should defiantly check out Cheeky Fluff. The diapers average $20.00 a piece.

Cheeky Fluff sent me a AI2 OS diaper to use and review free of charge. The opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to write this. My experiences may differ from yours.


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I don't see the end date? If you'd like me to include this in my roundup could you please send the ending date to me at maria at change-diapers.com? Thanks!

Jessi Gonzalez said...

WOW! Her diapers are absolutely adorable!!!
Jessi G.

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What an adorable diaper!