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February 14, 2012

Baby O Designs

Last fall, I won a contest on the Baby O Designs Facebook page. I won a gift certificate to her online shop and I immediately know what I was going to get:
The Pirate Prince O'berz Soft Soled Baby Shoes.

My (at the time) 14 month old hated shoes - I'm talking, he would scream and just stand in one spot acting like the shoes were attacking him. When we're out and about, he's usually in the carrier, so it wasn't so much that I needed him to be walking in shoes, but I wanted his feet warm as we entered the winter months. The O'berz Soft Soled shoes have been the perfect answer.These baby moccasins are so soft - I can't even begin to tell you. They are lined with flannel inside and faux suede on the top. The soles are a soft, but sturdy leather. Upon receiving them, I emailed Corissa, the mom behind Baby O Designs, and asked how big she could make these amazing shoes (up to 24months, if you're wondering!) ;-)As soon as we put the O'berz on Caedmon, he took off running and hasn't stopped! He is kind of like a puppy - I ask the big boys to get their shoes when it is time to leave the house, and Caedmon follows right behind them to the shoe box and grabs his Pirate Prince shoes! ;-)But O'berz shoes (in boy, girl, gender neutral and specialty) are not the only things Corissa makes and sells. You can also find slings, blankets, super hero capes, and many many more things.

Corissa loves to work with families and personalize creations just for you! If there is something you've been trying to find, go ahead and contact her - she might be able to help you create what you've been looking for!

Be sure to join Corissa on her Facebook page to keep up with information on sales and new items to enter Baby O Designs shop!

Disclaimer: I purchased the O'Berz Soft Soled Shoes with a gift certificate that I won in a Facebook contest. All opinions are my own. You may have a different experience.