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August 28, 2012

Boogie Bear Creations OS AI2 - Review

Melissa from Boogie Bear Creations was amazing to work with in the review process of her OS AI2 diaper. And, reviewing her diaper creation, was just as amazing. Arriving in the mail, faster than a speeding bullet...It's performance, more powerful than a locomotive....Giving my toddler the bright idea that he is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... When I opened the envelope, my gaggle of guys all screamed, "SUPERMAN!!!!!!!" (well, my youngest shouted, "Man! Man! Fly!" Bonus points to the 2 year old) ;)
I mean really - adorable. I was curious as to how the outer fabric would feel, but, it's such a soft cotton. There is a hidden layer of PUL between the woven cotton outer and the cotton velour inner.

For everything hidden inside, it's very trim (more on the innards in a moment)...

The OS AI2 has crossover tabs, of which I daily sing their praises :)

You may have been wondering, especially if you are newer to the cloth world, how in the world this diaper can be one size without rise snaps. Melissa has started making her OS diapers with a Fold Down Rise (FDR).
If you flip the top of the diaper over, you'll see a row of snaps, this allows the diaper to "shrink" in size, and allowing smaller babies to wear the diaper. And, even with the FDR, the crossover tabs still work!
And, I'm sure you're wondering - my little guy has yet to show any signs of the FDR snaps rubbing on his tummy when in the larger setting. This probably has to do with the fact that the snap in insert is amazing.
This is probably one of my favorite inserts I've reviewed. The top layer (that touches baby) is incredibly soft OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour), and that is paired with an incredibly absorbent Zorb2. Then, some organic bamboo fleece, and a coordinating layer of cotton velour. Whew, right?! Even hubby commented on how soft this diaper was all over.
This is a powerful pair.

So, how did it fit? Perfectly. Honestly, when I put it on Caedmon, I forgot that this was not a custom made diaper (ie: Melissa didn't ask for his sizes). It just fits great!
The back elastic is nice and tight. And, since Caedmon is still working on those 2 year molars, in our trying out this diaper, there were a few "happenings" that I was amazed stayed in.
The leg elastic also performed very well. While it is very snug, and nice and tight, it does not leave red marks on his legs.
We didn't experience any leaks with this AI2. There are no gaps, and it is incredibly easily to get a perfect fit. We are new, huge fans of Boogie Bear Creations!

If you would like to try out a Boogie Bears Creations, Melissa stocks on Fridays, but the times vary. The key is to stay tuned on Facebook for those times!

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Disclaimer: I received for review one Boogie Bear Creations Superman OS AI2. All opinions are my own, and you may have a different experience. Boogie Bear Creations is sponsoring the giveaway of one OS AI2.