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November 30, 2011

Oeko Popo - Review

The Versatility Cover from Oeko Popo isn't like every other cover on the market. Yes, it's a cover, but it can also become an AI2 if you so choose, or you can even make it a Pocket!For starters there are two different diapers offered by Oeko Popo - The Versatility Cover (which I received for review) and the Trim Cut (TCS). Both come in 2 sizes: Size 1 (5-18lbs, complete with an umbilical snap for those early days) and Size 2, or the One-Size (8-40lbs). The biggest difference between the two is the width in the crotch of the diaper. The TCS has a (you guessed it!) trimmer fit, whereas the Versatility Cover is wider to accommodate fitting over a wider range of diapers.The Pocket Sleeve comes complete with gussets and it snaps into the cover (I received for review, a "snap in insert" so mine did not have the gussets, as you can see from my pictures). But, the gusseted sleeves would allow you to reuse the cover, just as with a fitted or prefold, but the diaper acts like an AI2/AIO or pocket!Custom Embroidery makes the diapers YOURS (or, ahem, your child's!) You can click here to see all the options available from Oeko Popo, or even suggest your own! I loved the goofy face on the back of the Oeko Popo I received for review! My big boys found it especially funny and anyone who has seen it has definitely gotten a laugh too!And the amount of snaps on the Oeko Popo guarantee that you will find a fit for your little one - Crossover snaps, 3 different rise settings, and two rows to adjust both tummy and thigh, as well as to prevent wing droop!
We have really enjoyed trying out the Oeko Popo. The fit is fantastic with all diapers that we have tried it with.We mostly used it with the Snap-In Insert that was provided with the Versatility Cover. The Snap-In Inserts are made out of 3 layers of microfiber and then a layer of PUL and are incredibly absorbent!
We have also tried it a number of times paired with a fitted diaper, and again, works great! The width was perfect for covering all fitteds we tried it with and we never had any leaks.We also tried this with a double-stuffed prefold for bedtime one night - and again, perfection! No leaks, dry baby, happy mama!

The Oeko Popo comes in a slew of colors - blue, red, green, pink, violet, orange and yellow, as well as a couple of prints - camo, jeans and whales. Combine this with embroidery and the amazingness packed into this diapers, and you have yourself a great alternative to other covers/pockets/AI2's out there!

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Disclaimer: I received for review: 1 Versatility Cover in yellow and 1 Snap-In Insert. All opinions are honest and my own.