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November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Need a last minute idea for Thanksgiving favors? I found this adorable idea online and enlisted my kiddos! Here's what you need:

Toliet paper rolls
Brown paint and/or brown markers
Googly eyes
Red/orange construction paper
Feathers (any fall colors will work)
Craft glue
Happy participants! =)

First I had the kiddos color and paint the toliet paper rolls. We have 10 Thanksgiving guests to prepare for so they were able to color some and paint some.

While that kept them busy, I got to work cutting out the beaks, the "gobblers", and the feet for the turkeys.

Does anyone do Muffin Tin Mondays (or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, or...)? We do! I thought it would be fun to put those tins to use and help the kiddos know what each turkey needed. They helped me count the eyes and make sure that each tin had all of the turkey parts needed.

Then it was time to assemble! One really handy tip I've learned along the way includes a paper muffin cup and Q-tips. I put a small amount of glue in each paper muffin cup and gave them a couple of Q-tips. This helps keep the mess a little more contained and allows them to do the gluing by themselves. They were VERY excited to get going!

We allowed our projects to completely dry before I added the finishing touch: names to make them into place cards. I added a little slit to each side of the turkey and wiggled the paper down in.

And because no party favor is complete without an edible treat - I plan to hide homemade peanut butter cups under each turkey. =) Enjoy!

May each of you have a happy Thanksgiving this year!


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