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November 9, 2011

Two Sweet Potatoes

Cloth Wipes are a product that I have really come to appreciate. After using disposable wipes and finding it next to impossible to keep my boy's room from smelling so nasty from the diaper pail full of dirty wipes I decided to switch to cloth. I might as well because I had a stash of them. I wasn't really happy with the wipes I had and started looking into other brands. I was contacted by Two Sweet Potatoes, which is an etsy shop, and was offered the chance to review her wipes. I was very excited.
They came packaged up so nice and cute with her own personal sticker.
They wipes came tied together with her little tag that has what the fabric is made out of on it. They are made in the USA. The tag also contains washing instructions.
The fabric used to make this is organic bamboo. This is the softest material ever and it has maintained its softness over the amount of time I have had them. They are used regularly in our wipe stash. I have had them for about 3 months now.

You can get really pretty colored surged edges on the wipes.

I am very pleased with these wipes. They are so soft and have remained soft over tons of uses, they wash up FANTASTIC, they haven't stained at all for me, and the surging is incredible. I have had other wipes that are surged and have had them come undone but not a single problem with the surging on the Two Sweet Potatoes wipes. So happy with these. And they fit perfectly into the wipes warmer that I use.

If you are looking to get some dependable wipes these are totally worth it. Head over to her etsy page for more information and pricing. She also has a couple of sets in her clearance section for a excellent price.

Two Sweet Potatoes is also giving the opportunity to our readers to win a set of 8 wipes of their own. Fill out the form below to enter to win.

Here are some helpful links:
Two Sweet Potatoes (etsy)
Two Sweet Potatoes (Facebook)

Giveaway ends November 16st, 2011


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