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November 5, 2011

Tender Tushies

I have had the opportunity to work with Tender Tushies (isn't their logo cute?) and review one of their diapers. I was sent a cute green with stars print diaper.
There are a lot of snaps on this diaper but not so many that it becomes overwhelming. There are cross over snaps, as well as hip snaps. This is also a OS diaper so you have those snaps as well.
The outside of the diaper...this diaper has a great shape. I like the front with the square corners. It seems to stay in place nicely.
The inside is nice and soft.
The pocket opening was a little small but not terrifyingly small. I have bigger hands and so stuffing was a more work than say a BG which has a huge pocket opening but honestly I didn't find this pocket opening to be a problem. I actually love the elastic on the front and back of the pocket openings because after stuffing the diaper the insert (which is microfiber) stays tucked in the diaper and doesn't pop out to say hi.
My son is now a chunky 27 pounds and 33 inches long at 19 months old. He fits nicely into the medium rise for this diaper and the tabs are all the way closed with out using the cross over tabs. I would easily open this up a little more so there is one snap open but the picture looks a lot tighter than it really is.
With the one microfiber insert in the diaper its pretty trim.
The rear view...lol he is a wiggly little boy sorry for the funny shots!
I am very please with this diaper, we are yet to have a leak. I also have left him in this diaper for probably 4 hours while running errands and no problems at all. It held everything in for him. We have used this at nap time with out issues. Haven't used it for night time because I know a single MF insert will not do the trick. I could stuff this with our hemp prefold and it would probably work great. The elastic on this diaper is nice and tight but hasn't left any red marks on his legs. I would say that this has been a great diaper for us and the print is really fun.

Tender Tushies is a company located in Canada and these diapers sell for $9-$10 dollars which is a great price. They also sell other products.