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November 7, 2011

What Kristina Loves...

I love sharing what some of my favorite diapers are and what I love is constantly changing as the needs of my son changes. So here is a current list of my favorite things!

OS Diaper: My favorite OS diaper has to probably be the Tots Bots Easyfit diaper. I find that it fits the best range of babies and actually goes bigger than most of my other OS diapers which is good because I am pretty sure I will be needing it with my son. The make of this diaper is great for the OS feature.

Sized Diaper: My favorite sized diaper at the moment is my Charlie Banana diaper. I am using a large on my son right now and the rise is great, the snaps I have closed all the way so there plenty of room for growing yet which is just what we need.

AIO Diaper: Tots Bots Easy fit wins this category too. The material used to make this diaper dry quickly and is very soft against my son's bottom. Its all one piece but has a long tail that comes out on its own during washing which ensures for a better wash and less stink possibilities. It also helps improve drying time making it much shorter than my other AIO diapers.

AI2 Dipaer: Smart Snugs, which is a diaper I currently have for review. The diaper cover is lined with a very soft fleece so baby's skin isn't against the plastic PUL like other AI2's I have used. The snap in liner is made of Zorb which is very soft as well.

Pocket Diaper: Blueberry Pocket diaper. I have this one in the super cute owl print. They also just released a bunch of really cute new prints as well. The fit of this diaper is really nice, its soft and stretchy. No issued with snaps, elastic etc so far. This has a microfiber insert in it which I am not fond of but I haven't had problems with it.

Fitted Diaper: SustainableBabyish, hands down! Although they don't have the super cute prints they are still really nice diapers to have and worth the long wait and $25 dollars that you will spend on one of them. They are very absorbent and last a long time. And they have FANTASTIC customer service which is 10 thumbs up in my book.

Diaper Cover: Cotton Tail Babies, who makes fleece covers. This is also my son's favorite because it has 'wakets' (rockets) on it. Very soft, well made, has a double layer sewn in the wet zone. The fit is great and I am very happy with this cover.

Detergent: Ecosprout is my detergent of choice. I have tried quite a few and have never been more than happy than what I am now with Ecosprout detergent, plus the smells are delish! This detergent doesn't cause any red bottoms on my son which is what every mom hopes for.

Wet Bag: WAHMIES. I just got the WAHMIES groovy guitar wet bag and its so stinking cute, well made, a great size for going out for the day. Love it!

Pail Liner: Planet Wise diaper pail liner. Love the size, colors, build, everything. It works wonders for both my diaper pails which are totally different sizes. Fits both of them great with no issues.

Wipes: I love the wipes I get from my local CD store. They are a WAHM wipe made with flannel on one side and a sherpa on the other. They gripe the poo and are super soft. I haven't had any stain issues with these at all!

Butt Cream: Grandma El's Butt Paste is my favorite. It doesn't seem to leave behind any residue on the diaper. Some I have found to leave the inner material of the diaper kind of dingy which I don't like but I haven't seen that happening with Grandma El's. Oh and it works great too!

Fastener: There are currently 3 kinds of fasteners you can get: Pins, Snappi or a new item called a Boingo. I really would love to try out the Boingos but because I haven't I will be picking Snappi as my fastener of choice.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favorites and why I choose to love the things I do! Feel free to share your favorites below in the comments!


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