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November 9, 2011

Terra's Favorites

I sat and mulled over this post for so long...
Really? I had to narrow down our ridiculously huge stash of cloth diapers to my favorites?! It'd be so much easier for me to make a list of my "non-favorite" diapers...

So, here is my best attempt at narrowing down our diapers. I really do love about 98% of our diapers, so this was really hard. I'm sure there is someone (I'm personifying diapers now?! True addiction!) I'm forgetting...apologies to that maker :)

Favorite Pocket Diaper:
By far, our Pocket Change. They literally, don't make them like they used to. We have half a dozen of the 'old style' and one of the 'new style'. I always reach for the old ones as they work, and have held up, like a dream!

Favorite OS Diaper:
The Tots Bots Easy Fit is probably my absolute favorite diaper that we own. Period. It could fit into so many of these categories (Pocket, OS, AIO), but I chose OS because it does indeed fit "birth to potty training" like so many diapers claim (but don't seem to come through on that promise). I remember it fitting on my chunk of a 2 year old, and then days later, bringing home my 7 pounder from the hospital and putting this diaper on him ...all I could say was, "It's like it was made for both of them!"

Favorite Sized Diaper:
This would easily, hands down be our Pocket Change. (See above!)

Favorite AIO:
I absolutely love the Thirsties AIO's on my newborns. They fit so perfectly and hold in any explosion you could dream of.Favorite AI2:
This was a tie. I tried to figure out which I liked better, but I couldn't...So, in alphabetical order:
Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby). I received this for review earlier this year and it is still one of the first diapers I reach for out of the wash. My guy is almost at the top of the weight limit, but he has SO much room left to grow in it!
Wild Mountain Mommies. I also received this for review and it is one amazing diaper. The cross over snaps, combined with the OS'ness :) make this diaper one that will last a diapering lifetime.

Favorite PUL Cover:
Another tie... (this is HARD!)
Either The Fancy Pansy OS Cover or the OS Cover from Sweet Pea.
Both wow me every time I use them :)

Favorite Fitted:
I'm currently in the market for a fitted to steal my heart. We have a handful, but nothing am I LOVING...anyone?

Favorite Fleece Cover:
Our Emotibums cover by far - the extra high rise sold me from the start!

Favorite Wool Cover:
I'm not even sure who made it as I got it from a friend...do I need to say anything else? I mean, they're adorable.Favorite Wipes:
This was hard too, and again, resulted in a tie and both were wipes that I received for review.
Sweet Bobbins makes some amazing little wipes. Flannel on one side and bamboo velour on the other. They fit perfectly in your hand and can tackle some serious mess. (side note: My youngest HATES having tissues on his face, but will allow me to wipe his nose with these wipes!)United by Fluff makes some generous size flannel/minky wipes, that are super soft and super bright! They have withstood some serious testing in our home and I highly recommend them.Favorite Detergent:
Definitely Eco Sprout. It is formulated for sensitive skin, but I've found that the scented versions still mess with my little guys' bottom :( Unscented is fine by me though! It works so well. I recently tested some detergent from Chubby Cherubs and accidentally used the scented on our diapers -- NO rash! I may have a new love! :)

Favorite Wet Bag:
Definitely my Planet Wise bag. It's huge, it holds in the stink and it hangs. :)

Favorite Fastener:
We've only ever used Snappi's :)

Favorite Diaper Cream:
The only thing we use is coconut oil. So, that's it for us!

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my favorites!

What are yours?


Christine said...

AI2s are my favorite (along with tongue style AIO's) so I was happy to see that you have a favorite that is one I have never heard of. I might need to check them out. :)

Unknown said...

@Christine - Be sure to see what I posted on the Facebook page this morning about Wild Mountain Mommies...Also, I JUST (like an hour ago) learned that Bright Star Baby isn't BSB anymore, they are Peachy Green! :)

Momarabbit said...

Not sure what fitted diapers you have tried but Orange Diaper Company has amazing fitteds! I am a fitted lover but I find it hard to stick to just one brand. There are so many wonderful WAHMS to have a stash without variety. I hope to read more about your adventure in finding the perfect fitted to love.

Unknown said...

I love variety too @Momarabbit! I will look into the Orange Diaper Co fitteds! Thanks :-D

Tamara said...

Try Pianissimo Duets. They are the most wonderful fitteds ever. Seriously.

(Word verification: dunkom. After your child loads up her diapers, you take them off and dunkom.)

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