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November 18, 2010

Coconut Oil & Cloth Diapers

When I had shared my Things I Wish I Had Known Before Cloth Diapering post, I mentioned using coconut oil as a diaper cream. So often I mention this and people inevitably say, "What?!" I confess, I did too! But, after 3 year, we have found this is the best for us as far as diaper creams go.

Coconut oil is simply amazing. I started using it, as most people do, in the kitchen as a healthier oil option (and on occasion, a sweetener in my tea). As I started learning more about the benefits of coconut oil, I wondered if it could be used ON the body, as well as IN the body. Sure enough, there are countless ways people use coconut oil.

Our second son had horrible eczema and everything our pediatrician suggested just made things worse. On a whim, I decided to try some coconut oil - within a day, his eczema had calmed down considerably! We've also used coconut oil on sunburns, a facial moisturizer and as a massage oil.

So here's the big kicker about coconut oil. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial. WOW! Simply put: it's pretty amazing stuff (wait, did I say that already?!) Our second son caught thrush (thankfully, I never did!) - it was all in his mouth and all over his poor bottom. Every time I changed his diaper, I added a swipe of coconut oil (he was only a couple weeks old and I could not find credible information on whether or not it was to directly give him coconut oil, so, I took it myself -which is probably why I never got it). Once I started that regimen, his thrush was virtually gone. (to read more on coconut oil and yeast, visit this site).

When you purchase your coconut oil (more on that in a minute), it will most likely be in its solid state. As it warms, it liquifies (usually around 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit). Whether it is in the liquid or solid state, it is fine to use (no need to put it in the refrigerator either. We leave our kitchen jar by the stove for easy access, and our "diaper jars" right with the diapers). If it is in the solid form, once you scoop some out, it will start to liquefy, and by the time it is on baby's bottom, it will be very oil.

Here are pictures of our diaper jar (in a total solid state) -
And our kitchen jar (starting to liquefy, as I was baking in the kitchen and it was starting to warm up!) -
So, where do you purchase this stuff? Good question! I've yet to see it at your regular grocery store (WalMart, Kroger, etc...). We typically purchase ours as needed (which isn't too often, as a little bit goes a long way!) from a local health food store. But there are many places to purchase online in bulk (my favorite being Tropical Traditions). They even have a whole section with FAQs on coconut oil!

And of course, what everyone here is wondering, yes! Coconut oil is totally safe for cloth diapers. There is no need to use liners, and no need to do any special wash routine when using coconut oil. We use it every night on our toddler before putting his night time diaper on (as being in a diaper for too long really irritates his skin). We notice such a difference when we forget to put it on and when we remember - he notices too, and is pretty much at the point where, if we forget, he asks for it! We used coconut oil on our newborn when he was just days old and the detergent we were using irritated his skin.

So, there you have it. Coconut oil in a...well, nut shell! I know there are cloth diaper friendly diaper creams out there, but this is what works for us and we love it! (Ok, and yes, we love the smell too!


Emily B said...

Thanks for this. Really interesting. I have a jar of coconut oil in my cupboard but I had never considered it as a cream while using cloth diapers - I definitely would have wondered if it would affect the absorbency.

Rebecca said...

My son was just battling a thrush bum last week and we were going through our CJ's butter so fast when I read about coconut oil in your post. I found it on my next grocery shopping trip in the whole foods aisle, and started using it right away. It works amazing, and I wish I'd saved myself the $$, and heard about this a year ago when he was battling his eczema. THANK-YOU!!

Lisa said...

I use coconut on my daughter too! It works so well and makes her smell yummy. ;) We had a bad rash around 2-3 months old and nothing really cleared it up until we tried coconut oil. Another great place to purchase online is Swanson's - they usually have it cheap. Love your blog!

Carrie said...

I first read about using coconut oil over at pinstripes and polkadots - http://www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com/diaperrashcreams.htm

Since then, I've been an avid user! I started to have some repelling problems, and discovered I was using too much - you don't need to pile it on like some other creams. Just a very small amount - enough to rub into the skin, but not to leave it so oily that it will transfer to other things. Once I changed my approach, the repelling went away after a few washes.

Lindsy said...

I have used it for healthy cooking! And you can find it mixed with the vitamin, etc. section at Meijer!!

Winkydinks said...


Unknown said...

Yay for coconut oil lovers! :-D

We don't have a Meijer, but that's great info to have if someone does!! And great to know about Swanson, too!

Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...

that was interesting. I was worried it was going to ruin our diapers because I use it on my sons skin, his hair, and a leave in conditioner :) He's AA and its par tof his hair care routine.

Go Long! Go Green! said...

Awesome, thanks! I will try it when I can get some!!! :)

Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I had no clue coconut oil was used for cooking when I first sent my husband to buy it. I had heard that it was cloth diaper-safe, so I wanted to have some around in case we needed it for diaper rash when Levi was born. I love it! We used it to help with cradle cap and as a moisturizer on his skin after baths. We've never had any issues with it with our cloth diapers, either.

Kari said...

Great post! I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING (body lotion, bum cream, cooking, candies, you name it)!!! People are probably sick of my talking about coconut oil. Ha! I had a bad case of breast yeast and my little one had it on his bottom. This is when I first learned about coconut oil. I started taking it internally and putting on my breast before and after each feeding. I also put it on his bum. Within a very short period of time the yeast is gone. I am thrilled to hear it's safe for cloth dipes. We have just started using cloth again and I was unsure about using oil since I know some oils can damage cloth diapers.

Sara said...

FYI coconut oil is now at Walmart

Anonymous said...

You can also find Nutiva Coconut Oil at www.kushietushies.com. Great for baby's bottom! :)

Angie said...

Thanks for the great post! After reading it, I purchased some coconut oil. So far it's been amazingly helpful! My only complaint is that it's almost always in it's oil state. I thought it might be nice to mix it with something thicker for easier handling. After some research, it seems castor oil might be a good option. What do you think?

Angie said...

*and by "oil state" I mean liquid rather than solid.

FAVREAU said...

I'm so glad I found your post! I wanted to make sure it was safe for cloth diapers - Thanks! BTW I buy mine (Nutiva brand) in bulk on Amazon.

Angie: It melts at 76 degrees. I keep mine in a dark cabinet, it helps keep it cool and solid. =)

Unknown said...

We have started using Coconut Oil after a long bout with bacterial diaper infections. We are able to find it lots of places these days, including Walmart! We typically buy it though at Trader Joe's for about $5. Love it!

Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on adding EO like Calendula or Lavender to the coconut oil? also maybe adding a touch of beeswax to help make it thicker?

Katie W said...

Just found a great organic coconut oil in the vitamin aisle at Walgreens. Last place I would have expected.

honest company reviews said...

I have found that you can't beat price of honest diapers and the best thing is that they show up on my door step often in less than a week!!!!!!!! No tax and no shipping.

Anonymous said...

Costco organic coconut oil. Great size tub 15 $

Unknown said...

Do you use refined or unrefined?

Anonymous said...

@sarah unrefined is best for skin contact

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