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November 9, 2010

Dana's Top Ten

I have a lot of likes and dislikes in cloth diapering. These here are just a few of my top tens that I would like to share with you!

Number One:
My detergent, I have tried so many different kinds and I have found my favorite to be the Rockin Green! That seems to clean my diapers the best in my HE washing machine and with the hard water that we have! The next favorite would have to be the Mountian Green but that does not do well with the hard water!Number Two:
My Bumgenius AIO organics! These are my all time favorite cloth diaper ever made! I at one point when I started doing cloth diapering had 2 of them full time in cloth and I had tried so many different kinds of diapers and this one hit the spot! I love that its all one piece and it has the seperate layers yet all sewed together so its still an all in one! The one draw back is it takes forever to dry I usually have to put them in the dryer about 3 times to get it fully dry and it does stain very easily.Number three:
I love my new Smartipants diaper! Has a nice trim fit and fits over top of all of Kaiden's clothing. I just got this diaper a few weeks ago and its been used tons of times. This is one that is on the top of my stash so when my bgs are all used I grab it! I love the pocket that holds the liner its so easy to slide in and out for washing! Cute colors too!
Number Four:
Thirsties duo diaper! I have tried the covers and prefolds and I did not like them at all. I hate bulk and so does Kaiden. He would pull them off every time. I got this diaper thinking he would do the same but he does not! I like that the two liners snap together and then slide inside the diaper. They have really cute prints too, not that you see them much but they are still cute. The inside of the diaper is really soft on babys bum too.

Number Five:
I just got a Bootyfuly baby side snaping diaper. I really like this diaper. Though its kinda tough to get on a wiggly lil guy but once its on its nice. I used it for night time 2 nights ago and it worked wonderfully! I inserted the snap in liner and put another one of top of it so it had 2 liners and BAM no leaks at night. I love that these diapers come in long too. My son has a very long torso and a skinny body so its nice these come like that! I have found no flaws with this diaper yet!
Number Six:
I have a planet wise wet bag that I use for my diapers. I use it at home and on the go. At home I have the HUGE one that I hang on the door nob in the bathroom and I put all my dirty and wet diapers in there after they are rinsed and I never smell them even with the bag open. I have a small planet wise bag also that I use for on the go. I never smell stuff in there either! I love my bags. I have made a few of my own too and I really like them also!

Number Seven:
Rockin Green makes a shake that you can put into the bottom of your pail liners. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I have used it in my trash cans, my kid floors and then vacuum, my sock drawers put it in a sock and leave it in the drawer...awesome stuff just leaves a fresh smell in your pails and in your bathroom with the stinky diapers in there.
Number Eight:
My handmade diaper sprayer! My husband did not want me to spend the $40 bucks to buy a sprayer so I told him to come up with one for me. HE DID! He is so awesome! I would reccomend to everyone that you get a sprayer with cloth diapering! This one costed me about $25 bucks with everything! I just put the diaper in the toilet and spray the poo away! It has an adjustable water pressure so you have to be careful not get it too high or you get a face full of nasty poo water or it sprays all over the floor. Once you get the hang of it, ITS WONDERFUL!

Number Nine:
Bac-out! This is a must have for me! I spray every poopy diaper with it and throw it in the bag. It retails for about $10 for a big bottle of it and I get it at the health food store around us! This is amazing. You may have seen my post on here before about the blueberry stained diaper. I sprayed the heck out of the diaper with Bac-out and washed it with my Rockin Green and it came clean. So yeah, this is a must have in my house!Number Ten:
My Grovia Magic Stick! This stuff is amazing! I use it on all of my kids including my Five year old! This stuff is like $13 or so dollars and I bought it because I hate putting stuff on my finger to put on their butts. This is also safe for cloth dipaers. You just wipe the stick right on their butt and away you go. Kaiden had an awful red rash when he went to bed one evening and i put this on and he woke up and it was gone. Same with Xavier my five year old, he has accidents alot and he gets red so we put this on him and the next day its gone! Another one of my MUST HAVES!!

A lot of people have differnet Top Tens in cloth diapering and these are mine! Hopefully I have helped some of you in making some decisions! Got questions just ask one of us, we will always try to will help you out!!!