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November 4, 2010

How I got started

I would like you all to welcome Dana to Cloth Diaper Addiction. She is a new blog contributor! Please help me welcome her aboard!

I am Dana Coffey and I am a Cloth mama addict!!! I have 4 kids, Xavier who is 5, Alydiah and Elijah the twins who are 3, and Kaiden who is 19 months! I currently have Kaiden in cloth diapers full time and Xavier in them at night time!

I started cloth diapering my twins a little bit when they were little. I used to make my own AIO diapers and I loved them, but I was just not really REALLY happy with them. I was not so sure that I really wanted to do cloth or not. The reason that I started in the first place was we found out that we were pregnant with number 4 and we wanted to cut cost, well my hubby did anyways.

When I first started I jumped right in using g-diapers with cloth inserts. I used them for a while and was not extremely happy so that is when I started making my own. I used them for about 5 or 6 months and then I decided it was not for me. I had tried so many diapers at that point and was just not happy. I was not washing them correctly or taking the proper care of them either so that is why I gave up. So when my son was born we used Huggies. Then when he was about a year old my sister in law and I went to Ecobuns and took a cloth diaper class. I think that was the best decision ever! Kellie showed me how to use a diaper and all the different types of diapers and how to care for them correctly. Now that I know how to use them and care for them I am addicted! I have been doing this full time for about 6 months or so and I LOVE it!

I generally use Bumgenius organics! I do have a few others in my stash that I love too. Such as a bootyful baby, bummis tot bots, smarti pants, thirsties duo diaper, and cutey baby! I was not so much for the pocket diapers or the ones you have to stuff but now I am starting to like them. I have mostly BG but I still like the others too!

I would recommend cloth to any new mama out there so much healthier then disposables and way cheaper in the end!