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November 11, 2010

Bunzoo Review

Have you heard of Bunzoo? They make all kinds of fun animal print diapers, covers and pillowcase dresses. Plus they have great prices! I had the oppertunity to review their Zebra Fleece double gusset AIO diaper. This diaper runs $14.99 a piece which is a good price, and their butterfly cover which runs around $10.00 depending on the size you get. This diaper features:
Zebra print fleece, elastic back and legs, double inner gussets, front opening for extra inserts if needed and the opening has a velcro closure. It also has a hidden layer of PUL between the fleece on the outside and the anti-pill fleece on the inside. It is an AIO and comes in snaps.
The AIO diaper I received had two snaps on each side.
Here is the opening of the pocket in the front. You can see the blue, which is the swen in insert but there is also plenty of room for stuffing an extra insert in. There is also velco on the pocket to keep it closed.
This diaper features double inner gussets. The gussets are pretty deep, maybe about an inch and a half. Here is the diaper on my2 year old from the front.
Here is the diaper on my 2 year old from the side.

I also got this butterfly cover to try out.
It has wide velcro tabs on it and comes with laundry tabs as well.

My experience with these diapers:
-I was really nervous about this diaper because it seemed kind of large for my boys. I put it on my toddler and it fit pretty good. I had to make sure to tuck in the gussets because they were tall. For some reason my toddler knows when he has a new diaper on and makes sure to poo in it first thing. This diaper held everything in quite well. This diaper also came with a fleece liner which fits perfectly into the middle of this diaper and tucks into the gussets. This worked great for cleaning out the poo! I put this on my toddler a few more times and no leaking. I then put it on my 6 month old and he did pretty good in it. I think it leaked once but that was probably because he was still a little small for it.
-One thing I think would have helped this diaper out would be adding more snaps across the front. There are only two snaps on each side of the diaper so you can't adjust the tightness around the waist. I think if it had more snaps on the waist it would have fit much better on my infant. I was looking around on the bunzoo site some more and seen that this diaper now comes with more snaps on the waist as well as the option of velcro.
-The cover came in a cute butterfly print. The velcro is strong and the cover is nice and strong. I used my Thristies stay dry insert in this because its nice and trim. This cover was a little bit small for my guys so I didn't use it to much.

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**I received a diaper and cover to use and review. This review is entirely of my own personal experience and yours may differ. I was not paid to do this review. **