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November 19, 2010

Bootyful Baby Boutique Review

I love to support WAHM diapers. When I heard about Bootyful Baby diapers I decided to check them out and found out that they were local to me! This got me even more excited so I contacted Ashely, the owner of Bootyful Baby Boutique and was able to review 2 of her great diapers! I chose to review the Side snapping AI2 Diaper. I was slightly hesitant when I received these because I really didn't know about the whole side snapping aspect of it. I had seen pictures of kids wearing the side snapping diapers and I just really wasn't a fan. I thought they looked kind of funny to be honest! So Here is the diaper:

This AI2 diaper has an insert that snaps in at the back of the diaper with two snaps. I like this because it helps keep the insert straight in the diaper.
Here is a shot of the liners. The back of this diaper is made with an organic hemp and is nice and soft, even after washing. I don't think I have used it enough yet to see if it will eventually get stiff like some other hemp inserts. But I have used it quite a bit and have not had an issue with it getting stiff. The top is lined with a nice fleece to wick the moisture away and that is super soft!
I love the different color combination that you can get with these diapers. I got a brown diaper with a nice blue snap and I got a nice blue diaper with cream colored snaps. I also love that on the front of this diaper there is elastic across the stomach. This helps keep the front of the diaper down instead of puckering out while on the baby.
The back of the diaper also has elastic across the top of the diaper. There are plenty of snaps to choose from to get the right sizing on your child. My youngest wore this diaper on the second from the inside set of snaps so there is plenty of room for stomach growth in these diapers. You can also use the lower row of snaps to make the legs tighter or looser if needed on your baby.
The inside of the diaper is lined with fleece. As you can see in this picture, with the insert snapped in that there isn't any extra bulk.

Bootyfull Baby Diapers are prefect size. I had the small for my little guy and the medium-long for my 2 year old. I have to say that I absolutley LOVE the fact that you can get this diaper in a LONG! How great is that. Here is the sizing chart.

Here is a picture of the side snaps. I was really happy with the fit on these diapers. It took me a minute to figure out the snaps and get the right setting for my boys. Once I had it the front of the diaper laid nice and flat across their tummies.

Here is the medium-long diaper on my 2 year old. As you can see in the picture on the right that not only is my child super skinny but that this diaper is really really trim. I love how it fits under his jeans. I also love that it goes higher up in the front with the rise. It also has a higher cut on the legs which I like because I have found that when the leg has a lower cut by little guys legs will get dry skin and are more likely to have red marks. But with this diaper I haven't had those problems.
Here is the diaper on my infant. The fit was pretty good but he did grow out of this about a month after we got it. He was close to the top of the weight on it and has chubby thighs so he out grew it...I was sad. But he now fits into the medium-long diaper that we have!

We were having fun playing when I was taking diaper pictures so I thought I would show the diaper in action. My two boys on the left, the middle is of Z trying to do the worm (or just wiggling around) and the last is of my E-man who has a very hard time standing still and likes to wear his cowboy hat.My Experience with these diapers:
-Over all I was pretty happy with these AI2 diapers. I wasn't sure about the fact that they were side snapping but I actually didn't mind them and I know that I am going to be more willing to try other side snapping diapers in the future.
-Once Z got to the point of being almost to big for the size small he did start leaking out of it. He also starting leaking out of a lot of his other diapers as well so I think he is going through a pee spurt. You can easily add an extra insert to this diaper if you need to.
-I love how trim these diapers are. The insert is actually pretty think so I thought it would cause the diaper to be big and bulky but its not at all.
-These come in great colors and are nice and soft, they wash up very nice.
- I love that the insert has two snaps to hold it in place. You can remove the insert and put a new one in if the cover isn't soiled.

Would you like to buy a diaper from Bootyful Baby Boutique? Good new! We have the wonderful opportunity to share with you their GRAND OPENING! How awesome is that! There is going to be great sales, and lots of giveaways going on. Head over to their site to check it out.

***I received 2 AI2 diapers to use and review from Bootyful Baby Boutique. These opinions are of my own and your experiences may differ. I was not paid to write this review.***