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November 14, 2010

Teething Bling Review

My baby is 6 1/2 months old and has not had any teeth come through yet. I keep thinking one of these days something is going to happen. He is constantly wanting to chew on something, he is drooling like crazy so you would think it would be soon. But until then my little guy needs to have something to soothe those sore gums. I was given the chance to test out some Teething Bling by Smart Mom. They have some really neat items to help your baby's become more comfortable during the teething stage while helping mommy to stay fashionable. They even have a new item for the daddies called 'Babe Magnet Ties' that have little rattles and squeaky toys inside to help entertain baby. How fun is that! They also have teen bling and bangles for mom. The teething bling come in donut shape and you can get a solid color or a patterned one. They have lots of great colors and their patterned donuts look like the 'cats eye' marbles that you used to play with as kids. They have a cool swirly in them. I got the brown snowflake donut teething bling to try out.When I first found out about Teething Bling the donuts looked a lot like stones. I couldn't figure out how these would be any good for babies who had babies, but after receiving this necklace I was surprised to see that the donut is actually softer and bendable. Teething Bling products are made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone. I can see where this would feel great on a babies sore gums.

After I opened up the package and starting wearing it my little guy noticed it pretty quick. He liked to look at my regular necklaces so when he seen this and was actually able to play with it he was pretty happy. The clasp is a simple click together type so if he was to pull on the pendant to hard it would simply pop open with out breaking anything or having little pieces going everywhere. The chord is made of a black silky material and is comfortable to wear. After doing the initial once over of the necklace it went straight for the mouth. Z love chewing on it. He rubs it side to side and back and forth and he chomps down on it pretty good. He does produce a lot of drool while using it but I can tell by watching him that it feels good on him gums.

I thought I had more pictures than just the one but I guess not! I will try and get some of the necklace in use to share. My toddler seen the necklace on the counter and said "Thats Z's necklace" and had to go and share it with him. These necklaces should not be given to the babies to use unsupervised because of the long string, it could cause strangulation.

Overall I would have to say that I really like this necklace. The color is great and I can wear it with what ever, the style is simple yet cute to wear and its baby friendly.

Head over to Teething Blings website to purchase one for your self. They run $12.75 a piece which I think is pretty good.

**This review is entirely of m own opinion. I was not paid to write this. I was sent 1 teething bling necklace to use and review.**

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