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November 16, 2011

Herbal First Aid Kit by EcoChic Boutique

Our family is slowing making changes in the items we use around the home so, I was thrilled to be able to review the brand new Herbal First Aid Kit from EcoChic Boutique. The kit comes in a small gauze bag with some band-aids and an instruction sheet:Inside the bag is a handful of very useful items that all work amazingly well!

First up:
CleanWashThis is a natural equivalent to hand sanitizer. You can apply it directly to abrasions or to your hands after exposure to pathogens.
The ingredients are distilled water, witch hazel, colloidal silver, and essential tea tree oil.
Because there isn't any alcohol in this, it takes a bit longer for it to 'evaporate' from your hands, but we chose to use this after all our doctors appointments as my kiddos fought and shared the crud over the past few weeks. Did it work better or just like hand sanitizer? I'm not sure, BUT I definitely felt a lot better using this over the typical hand sanitizer.

BooBoo StickThis can be applied to minor abrasions, scrapes, bumps and bruises.
It is made up of Apricot Seed Oil with Comfrey Root and Arnica, Bees Wax, Castor Oil and Essential Clove.
I have started using Arnica Gel on our bumps and bruises and it works wonderfully. The BooBoo Stick is a bit cleaner version (compared to a tube of gel) and works just as great in dulling the severity of bumps and bruises.
I had a couple of opportunities to try this out. First, my youngest is a biter (with two big brothers, you have to get attention SOME how, right?! sigh). Well, one morning, Benjamin (my middle son) kept taking toys away from Caedmon (my youngest) after repeated times of me asking him not to. I finally said, "Benjamin, he's going to hit you or bite you...you need to stop taking his toys..." Next thing I know, my 14 month old lunged at Benjamin and sure enough, bit him on the shoulder! ::facesmack::
The second time was when Benjamin bit his lip one evening (I think it happened as he was chewing his lip and sneezed... talented children I have!) but he kept asking me to put something on it. I honestly wasn't sure WHAT to put on it. It only bleed for a few moments, but you could tell it really bugged him. I finally emailed Nicole from EcoChic Boutique and she confirmed that I could most definitely use the BooBoo Stick on his lips (it should be noted this should not be ingested in large quantities - as in more than 1 tube of this!)
Within about 24 hours of application, both times, I started to see healing. Would there have been an infection without applying this? Who knows, but, at least I was able to put something safe on their battle wounds to help speed up the healing process.

After that we have:
KalmSkinThis can be used on rashes, bug bites and any venom bites.
Nicole informed me that in her area, this is highly regarded as a diaper rash cream and it is totally safe for cloth diapers!
The ingredients are: Plantain infused olive oil, bees wax, apricot seed oil, chamomile infused oil and castor oil.
This has worked wonders for us. I've been using it on all these nasty bug bites we have (we call them demon mosquitoes - these evil little critters), as well as my youngest sons eczema.
I honestly didn't even get a chance to try it as diaper cream. But I have it set aside for the first sign of a rash!

Kalm TummyThis is a topical remedy only and 3-4 drops are to be applied to the abdominal area in a circular motion.
All herbs have been organically grown - Peppermint infused olive oil, plantain infused olive oil, chamomile infused grape seed oil and castor oil.
We have only had one opportunity to use this (thankfully!) and it worked fairly well as far as I can tell. My middle son was telling me that his tummy hurt one evening and I tried this out. There was no more complaining of a yucky tummy (but I'm not sure if he would have still complained or not).

I kept (oddly enough) hoping for opportunities to try the items (not counting the CleanWash - I about used that bottle up taking care of my sick crew!) on myself since with toddlers and pre-school aged children, it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are still hurting or not, or how well something is working. I was able to try the KalmSkin on my own bug bites and random rashes, and it worked great!

The Herbal First Aid Kit retails for $18 and can be found HERE.

You can find Nicole and EcoChic Boutique on Facebook, Etsy and Hyena Cart, where she also makes and sells a variety of baby carriers, children's items and cloth diapers.


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