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February 4, 2011

Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby) AIO Review

Have you ever tried a new diaper and thought to yourself, "I think I could easily replace all my diapers with this brand..."? I, myself, love variety. I love trying new diapers, having different systems - I don't think I really have a "favorite" diaper. However, upon trying out the Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby) AIO, I definitely had those, "I want this to be my only diaper!" thoughts. It is beyond phenomenal.

First, let's see what makes up this diaper. Left to right:
  • the shell, mine came in a yummy (yes, yummy - just wait til you see it!) color of Spice. The inner is 100% bamboo/organic cotton. One word: divine. So soft, it's ridiculous.
  • the middle item (which should be on the far right, as it's an "extra") is a snap in hemp booster for when you need extra absorbency (traveling, nap/night time).
  • finally, the snap in fleece soaker. Heavenly. This is actually a double layer (see next series of pictures) so you can adjust to put the absorbency where needed.
Then you snap it all together and you have some superior absorbency lined up. I know you're thinking, "this kid is going to have a big 'ol diaper butt....just wait!

It has side snaps for a snug fit across the tummy. This was actually the first time I had used a side snapping diaper and I was thoroughly impressed.
Now, remember the name of the diaper? Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby) Ultimate Trim Fit AIO? Remember all the "punch" it got packed into it? Look how trim!!! You can also see the snug fit across the tummy.
I mean, really - you will be hard pressed to get more trim than this!

It hugs the back and is super snug there as well.
This diaper worked amazingly well for us. I even used it one night (with all inserts in place) and it lasted all night on our little guy with no leaks to speak of (I threw a fleece cover over it for good measure, just in case). It has not left red marks on his legs, back or tummy either. It dries super fast, also.

The only issue we had was our first use, totally user error!

I snapped it this way:
When I should have snapped this way:
I put the little guy in his Bumbo seat (aka: the poo seat) and within minutes, he did his thing. I went to change him and poo had gone everywhere along the sides, making a huge mess as I changed him. I tried the 'right' way every other time without that issue happening again!

For kicks, I put my 32+lb toddler in it just to see the fit. (I reviewed the Size 1 for 12-28lbs and up to 17.5" rise. I thought for certain that even if it did fit him, it would be a snug fit).
With there being 4 thigh snaps, we still have some growing room in this diaper!

It lasted all through nap time without a leak! He thought it was pretty funny that he was wearing his baby brother's diaper (as did mommy!) So great to have a diaper that I can use between the two of them!

With as trim as this diaper is, combined with the absorbency - this is one that I will be recommending for as long as we are in diapers!

Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby) Ultimate Trim Fit AIO comes in a slew of delicious colors and a handful of adorable prints. While it comes in 3 sizes, their site mentions that Size 1 fits a wide range of babies - yes, yes it does!

disclaimer: I received one Peachy Green (formerly Bright Star Baby) Ultimate Trim Fit AIO diaper and one hemp booster for review, All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.


matunuckmama said...

Can't wit to try his diaper on one of my heavy-wetting twin boys

Alice Waarvik said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway! I just found these and LOVE them! I'd love to try another size or something in prints though.

Anonymous said...

We think tehy are fabulous and could easily replace ALL our stash. and we hae tries about 30 types of diapers so far. At the time we only have 10 different, but this is our all time favourite, especially the new color Chocolate ;-)

Christine said...

Thank you for this review. I am considering some second hand Bright Stars, but had never heard of them before! Much appreciate!!

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