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February 18, 2011

Snugglebottoms Fitted Review

A couple of months ago, we started using fleece covers on our youngest two at night with a fitted or prefold closest to their skin, so I was thrilled to have the chance to try out a Snugglebottoms Fitted from Baby Bunz & Co. Baby Bunz & Co. offers two styles of Snugglebottoms - ones with velcro closure and ones without. Since a Snappi would not work with this type of material, and I own no pins (or Velcro covers), I opted for the velcro fitted. Before long, this little slice of heaven arrived. Seriously. I can't get over how soft it is! (even after numerous washes and wears!)
Here you can see the Velcro tabs. This takes a bit of getting used to, as the tabs open toward the inside of the diaper, as opposed to the outside (see the zoomed picture of the velcro).
See how it opens to the inside. Like I said, a bit getting used to, but I don't really think about it now. It is a bit harder to get a snug fit with a squirmy baby until you get the hang of it.

Here is the Snuggle bottoms laid out. While there are no seam marks on the outside, you can see on the inside where all the absorbency is. I loved reading about the Snugglebottoms from the Baby Bunz & Co. website:
Our affordable SNUGGLEBOTTOMS diapers are made of soft and cozy 100% cotton flannel, with a wide padding of up to 9 layers for great absorbency. They provide trim-fitting coverage at the back and sides, and gently gathered leg openings help to prevent leaks. Great for newborns and breast-fed babies! Trimmer than most fitted cloth diapers, Snugglebottoms fit well in a wide variety of diaper cover styles.

I was also sent an Organic Hemp/Cotton Fleece Doubler. This is naturally bacteria resistant and is made of three layers of hemp/cotton fleece. Perfect when extra absorbency is needed.
a Poly Fleece Diaper Liner. This fleece liner does an amazing job of wicking away moisture during long sleep times.
and an Organic Cotton Doubler - three layers of organic fleecy flannel, also great for extra absorbency.
Typically, at night I use the Organic Hemp/Cotton Fleece doubler with the Poly Fleece Liner closest to his skin.

Here is my lil guy modeling the Snugglebottoms Fitted (size Large) with the Organic Cotton Doubler inside. Since he typically wakes up in the morning, plays for a few minutes, eats and then goes right back to sleep for a couple hours, he needs extra absorbency since it will be a while until next diaper change.
Fairly trim for a fitted with 9 layers of absorbency! While there is some gap at the leg, we've never had a leak.
Squishy, softness from behind!
For daytime use, I pair it with a Thirsties cover and he's ready for a morning of playing, eating and napping (the life, right?)
This has definitely become a favorite, simple fitted for me (I confess, I LOVE crazy prints and cute patterns, but for a natural feel, and nighttime (when no one will see the prints anyways!) this is bliss). I love the natural materials, the soft feel and how incredibly absorbent the Snugglebottoms is.

If you're interested in purchasing the Snugglebottoms, they are sold in 6-packs, ranging from $22-$35, depending on size and closure style. They also come in bleached or unbleached fabric.

Disclaimer: I received one Snugglebottom Fitted with Velcro closures, as well as an Organic Cotton Doubler, an Organic Hemp/Cotton Doubler and a Poly Fleece Liner for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.