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February 25, 2011

My Baby's Green Review & Giveaway

My Baby's Green, LLC was started by Rich and Tin with the intent of providing very high quality products that are both environmental and baby friendly. They carry organic toys, Eco-friendly wooden toys, organic baby clothes, reusable snack bags, and cloth diapers and more.

My Baby's Green offers two different cloth diapers. The one pictured down the right side of the screen is their 'fitted' cloth diaper. It is made of organic cotton fleece and is really soft. I had the opportunity to review both of their cloth diapers but will start with this fitted. The picture on the top show the diaper closed. It is very simple and basic. This doesn't feature cross over tabs which is fine because it is a sized diaper. If you were to need the tabs to cross over you should probably go down to the next smaller size. The diaper also features soft elastic around the leg openings. When you open the tabs on the diaper you will see the velcro. If you look at the picture on the right (the second picture down) you will see the velcro. There is a large strip that goes across the waist and then the velcro on the tabs as well as laundry tabs. When I first got this fitted I noticed right away that the velcro is not arranged like a typical velcro diaper. The scratchy part of the velcro is across the waist and the soft part is on the tabs of the diaper. I wasn't sure how this would work out but I gave it a try. I found that this caused my son's tummy to turn red from rubbing on him. There is a thin strip of fabric that goes above the velcro but it usually folded down inward when it was in use causing the velcro to be exposed against the skin. The laundry tabs worked well for the tabs of the diaper but there wasn't anything to put over the large strip of velcro (the scratchy, sticky part) that went across the waist. This resulted in a large lump of chained diapers. Not something you want to see when washing diapers. The inside of this diaper features a long strip of the organic cotton fleece. This is easily adjustable to fold to fit the needs of your boy or girl. You can fold it all towards the front of the diaper for a boy or you can fold it all in the middle of the diaper for a girl. You can see in the picture at the right that the strip is sewn in at just one end.

Overall I wasn't totally impressed with this fitted diaper. I think if the velcro would have been switched around it would have been more impressive. The material is thin and doesn't hold much liquid in. It did have a nice fit on my boys though. You can get this right now on their site for $5.47 and it is usually $12.95. You would want to get an extra insert to put in this for more absorbency if baby is going to be in it a few hours.

The second diaper that My Baby's Green sells is a pocket diaper. This diaper can be used as an All In Two diaper or as a pocket diaper. There is a snap located in the back to hook the insert to or you can slide it into the pocket. This diaper is really cute and made well. I tried it on my 10 month old and the tabs were way to long, even with the cross over tabs in use. I couldn't get it tight enough around his waist. So the next time, I put this diaper on my toddler and I was able to get it on him with the cross over tabs as tight as they go. I adjusted the rise to a smaller setting to make up for his skinny chicken legs (sorry I call his skinny legs chicken legs ;) ). The diaper looked like it had a great fit on him. While we were playing in the living room I noticed him acting kind of funny and looked over to see that he had started peeing and it went right out of the diaper and I noticed streaks of pee going down the leg of his pants. Turns out, because this diaper was as tight as it would go, he got wing droop and the front sides of this diaper dropped down causing the leg openings to get quite large allowing this to happen. I was really disappointed in this. I knew this diaper would be a great diaper, but it wouldn't fit on my baby or super skinny boy. I wanted to give it one more chance so I mailed it...that's right... I MAILED it states away to Terra, my wonderful contributor, to try out on her boys. Here is her experience.

Well, for starters, I tried it out on my youngest, since it is a one-size diaper. He does have a little waist, but, we've never had issues with diapers fitting. I will let the picture say just about everything:
There was no velcro for the diaper to attach to that far over rending the diaper useless on my infant.

Since that obviously didn't work, I headed over to my toddler. He's about 32lbs or so. While it did fit him better, there was still some 'overlap'.

While it is a very trim fit, you can see in this picture where the velcro tab sticks out over the diaper.
There is a pocket with insert that snaps in. The diaper is designed so that you do not need to remove the insert (it comes out in the wash). But you do need to unsnap the insert (and if you're worried about touching a pee soaked insert, you can get this unsnapped without touching the insert). That lone snap on the back of the diaper is the back of the snap where the insert attaches.
The diaper had a funny fit to it, almost like there was too much diaper. If I lowered the rise snaps, the diaper didn't fit at all. (In looking back at Kristina's picture, the diaper laid out does look huge compared to other diapers I own).
Here is a close up of where the velcro overlaps. It isn't a lot of overlap, and for us, didn't affect the use of the diaper (more on that in a second), but, still, there's overlap - almost like the loop portion (of the hook and loop/velcro) needed an extra inch or more. (Ignore the fuzzies in the velcro - that's from our wool dryer balls, hehe).
The diaper has worked great for us (on my toddler. I never was able to get it to fit on my 6 month old). We have not had any leaks with this diaper, even though the front fits a bit funny. The back is a perfect fit and has contained all messes. This would be a great diaper for big babies, or toddlers who have a chunky waist, but for itty bitty waists, not so much.