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February 7, 2011

Mei Tai Baby

I was given a Mei Tai baby carrier from a friend of mine. She had purchased it for herself but never ended up using it. I was pretty excited about this because the carrier I had was a cheaper one that you can get at your local super mart and it was only good for smaller babies. I have been using the Mei Tai for about 6 months now and really enjoy it.

The Mei Tai has a very simple shape. There is a large rectangle that the baby sit in. Then there are two padded straps that go up off the top and two un-padded straps that go off the sides of the bottoms. There is also a padded area at the top of the rectangle that is great for supporting baby's head.

You can find a great how to tutorial here on how to put on a MeiTai either as a front carrier or a back carrier.

For front carrying you tie the waist straps around your back with the printed panel hanging down against your legs.You then take baby and hold them against you and pull the panel up and over them. You pull the padded straps up over your shoulders and cross the straps in the back. You then bring the straps around front and tie them behind the baby's back. Here is the padded straps crossed behind my back.

Here is me wearing Zeke when we went to get our Christmas Tree. My MeiTai came with a black fleece cover for going over the baby while wearing them. Kind of like a blanket. It has elastic on the corners that you slip the top shoulder straps through to hold it up and the bottom is sewn closed like a little sack for the baby's legs to go in. I of course forgot to bring it with so I simply tucked a blanket around him and we stayed nice and warm!Here is the MeiTai with Zeke at 2 months. With littler babies you can tuck their legs up into the carrier so they are almost balled up. The day this picture was taken it was so miserably hot outside and humid and I did wear this for about and hour and a half then we ended up putting him in the stroller to cool off.

I have also used this as a back carrier as well as my husband. We put our 2 year old in it. You tie the waist straps first then put the baby on your back (this is best if you have a person to help. You then flip the carrier up over the baby and pull the straps around your shoulders. You can cross them in the front but I did not. You simply pull them over and back under your arms and tie behind baby's back. I was extremely comfortable with my 2 year old on my back while carrying him around.

Over all I am pretty happy with the MeiTai. If I wear it for a VERY long time I will start to get sore but other than that it has worked great for us.


Dana said...

I have a mei tai too and LOVE it!! I love that you can customize them with all sorts of fabrics and various colors of canvas. Ours is orange with a dinosaur print. I couldn't imagine grocery shopping with my little one without it. We get tons of compliments too :D

Katie Adams said...

I want a Mei Tai but I hear they are so hard to put on! Since I will more than likey be a single mommy soon I don't know if I could get it on right & not get totally aggravated! LOL

Unknown said...

Katie - they are really easy to put on!!!!

Kristina said...

Katie they are so so easy to put on! You would be so surprised! The only time I have needed assistance was when I was at the farmers market and I wanted to put my toddler on my back. My hubby held him up so I get secure him and he also tied it for me.

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