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February 21, 2011

Apple Cheeks Review and Givaway

*This review contains the word poo...a lot.

I had seen Apple Cheeks Diapers here and there online and was semi curious about them. They have a look that that is unique. A look that stands out and catches your eye. So when I got the chance to review a couple I was pretty happy. Because I have 2 in cloth they sent me 2 to review. A stunning yellow and a light blue. They also sent me a roll of disposable liners to try out as well.
I like that they use minimal packaging on their diapers.
The diapers are sized. I got the size 2 (large) for both of the diapers I reviewed. You can kind of see from the picture below that the Apple Cheeks diaper has a unique look from other diapers. I like how its rounded almost.
Both the front and back of this diaper has elastic. I like that this diaper has the front waist elastic because it holds down the shell to help reduce leaking. Sometimes when you put a lot of extra inserts into a diaper it gaps away from the belly. With the extra elastic here it keeps that from happening.
The diapers came with a rayon and bamboo mix organic cotton fleece insert. This is a large rectangle comparable to a prefold in size. I was really surprised at how soft this is and how soft it has stayed. I haven't had any issues with this pilling or fraying. It is so soft you can use it on the outside of the pocket against baby's skin or you can tuck it into the pocket.
The inside of this diaper is super soft and has stayed pretty soft after multiple washings. One thing I was worried about was the elastic around the legs. It didn't seem like it would be tight enough around the legs. When you look at this elastic compared to other brands its doesn't seem as thick or durable, but when I had it on my boys I was very happy because I never had leaks from the legs unless I waited to long to change them. I also like this elastic because it's NOT the thick elastic that you see in other diapers. I didn't have any issues with the boys getting red marks on their thighs from these diapers. Very impressive!
The pocket location of this envelope cover is definitely new to me. Almost every pocket diaper I have used has had the pocket opening at the front or the back. This pocket is located about 1/3 down from the back. The opening is very wide (their site says perfect for daddys hands!) and easy to stuff. You just pull the front of the insert down into the pocket opening then you turn the diaper around and kind of roll with your hand the rest of it into the other pocket opening. ( I don't know if that will make sense!)
Here is the pocket with the insert inside. Once you get it in you just spread the fleece flat down and your all set. On the first try out of this diaper my son had to go poo of course. It unfortunately wasn't his typical solid poo but a nice soft/runny one. I instantly knew this wasn't going to be pretty to clean up. Because of the location of the pocket opening the poo went in to the pocket. YUCK! Not to mention trying to get the insert out of the pocket to clean up...impossible to do with out getting POO on your fingers. HOWEVER...a key feature of the wide pocket opening is the fact that it will unstuff itself in the wash, so you don't have to reach into the poopy mess!I went in and sprayed it off but the poo got stuck in the pocket and so I had to turn the diaper inside out and spray it again. It was not pleasant. *The rest of the poo's experienced with this diaper have been solid and have proved to be no problem! Thank Goodness! That was just so gross and it gave me a bad first impression of this diaper. Before I put the Apple Ccheeks on my son's cheeks again I made sure to use the disposable liners. That probably would have helped contain the poo to the outside of the pocket had I used it in the first diaper.
Anyways....enough about poo. Here is the diaper on my 20 pound 9 month old. The diaper has two rows of waist snaps so you can slightly adjust the thighs or the waist a little looser if you need to. This helps get a good fit on the baby. I had the snaps as tight as they went in the picture below. The diaper looks like it was stretching some across the waist but it actually had a great fit.
The back side actually looks pretty trim and not all puffed out like some other diapers. This is mostly because it has the nice thin bamboo/rayon insert vs. microfiber which I think is bulky.
Then a side shot of the bum.
After we got past the first horrible poo episode I was pleasantly surprised with this diaper. I did hesitate the next few times putting it on the boys because I was for sure I would have a big ole' nasty mess on my hands again (Literally) but it actually went really good. I didn't have any other problems with poo going into the pocket of this diaper. I like the elastic on this diaper because it doesn't leave red marks on the boys legs and waist. The fabric sort of folds out words rather than being sewn in and around the elastic which I think helps.

I did have trouble with this diaper leaking, mainly during nap time because of my belly sleeping boys...everything was in the front! If they wore it for nap time they leaked but I was easily able to solve that problem by putting a hemp insert in the rectangle insert that I received and didn't have any other leaks with it.

*I received two diapers and a roll of flush-able/disposable liners to use and review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. It is of my own personal experiences and yours may differ from mine.

APPLE CHEEKS HAS OFFERED ONE LUCKY WINNER A DIAPER OF THEIR OWN! To enter to win fill out the form below. Here are some helpful links you might need:
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Tammy said...

Kristina, I didn't see an end date. Just curious when this giveaway ends. Thanks!

Liz M. said...

entered!!! :)

Nicolette May Capuano said...

Wonderful review! Thank You for this giveaway!

Unknown said...

your links are all messed up :)
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The Ross Family said...

Following you on your blog and twitter now. Posted on FB about the giveaway! It would be great to get it!!!

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Fan on FB. Would love this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

BrickHouseCooker said...

Above person already said so, but your links have extra stuff entered into them...it's just a matter of cutting and pasting the correct part :) Also, I noticed on Twitter that there is another person with the name AppleCheeks that a lot of people are tagging for your giveaway, just an FYI :)

Katie said...

If you hold the insert tight when you pull the front up when you're snapping it won't slide down and you won't have front leaks like that :) I noticed in the pic that the insert isn't all the way up to the very top of the top. Just fyi for something to try next time!!!

Jessi Gonzalez said...

entered. thank you!!

The Bama Gardener said...

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Hannah said...

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