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December 10, 2011

12 Days of Clothmas Macaroni Baby - Day10

Macaroni Baby
is giving away a Fitted Winter Diaper!

Macaroni Baby also gave me the chance to review their AI2 diaper. I didn't really think I would be all to fond of the pirate skulls print on this diaper but its pretty cute in person. Im not really one to put skulls on my child but this isn't really to bad! These are OS AI2 diapers and you might be wondering how. These are OS because of how the elastic in the legs is set up. No you don't have to adjust anything as your child grows. Its simply this: The elastic is super stretchy and will fit just right!
There are cross over aplix tabs on the diaper, no snaps anywhere!
This particular insert that I have for the AI2 is a two piece insert that does not snap together or snap on to the shell. This allows the user to put just the correct amount of absorbancy that is needed. You can get a single insert that is long and can be folded to fit your needs. There are also some now that you can snap with. The inside is a soft black velour which is fabulous because you can NEVER see stains on it! lol
Here is the fit on my DS. It looks a little thick between the legs but he was very comfortable in it and didn't have any problems. I thought the fit of the diaper was fantastic because all you have to do is pull the diaper on your child and it fits just right do to the elastic set up on the diaper. The bigger the baby the farther you pull the diaper around your baby, The small the less stretching you will have to do. Its that simple.
Here is a side shot that shows the trimness of the diaper.
Overall I really love this diaper. I did notice a little bit of the stitching is starting to fray a little tiny bit on the insert but that isn't an issue at all for us. Other than that it works great. We haven't had any leaks with this, it contains squishy poo just wonderfully and cleans up really nice. The laundry tabs stay stuck down during wash as well.

If you would like to purchase a AI2 diaper head over here.

Giveaway Closed

I was sent an AI2 from Macaroni Baby, this review is of my own opinions and your experiences may differ, I was not paid to write this review.


JustCorey said...

I am looking for more good fitted diapres... i hope i can win this one... love the penguins...

I just read the info on macaroni baby and I had never heard of the macaroni penguin before today... love it

Jessi Gonzalez said...

Entered! THanks for another great giveaway!!
Jessi G.

JLJMommy said...

Entered, thanks for the chance!