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August 16, 2010

Cutey Baby "Thats a Wrap" Diaper

So recently while grocery shopping at my local Meijer store I came across a diaper called Cutey Baby...who would have thought that you could buy a cloth dipaer at a grocery store that usually specializes in diapers like Huggies and Pampers! I had to check them out. They had adorable prints for both boys and girls as well as wet bags. The wet bags ran about $10.00 and were about the size of a Planet Wise Medium wet bag (for size comparison). The material seems really nice and looks like it will hold up well. I am hoping to purchase one soon to try out. They also had a 2pk of inserts that are specially made for this diaper. Is made of microfiber and has a soft fleece lining on the top for going against baby's bottom.

So on to the diaper; I was actually surprised to see the empty slots on the shelf where the diapers were supposed to be hanging. The wraps were pretty picked over, but they did have a nice selection left. These wraps come in three sizes: Small (5-12), Medium (10-30) and Large (25-40). I purchased the medium to try on my boys. I paid 13.99 for this wrap which is a little more than a regular cover would cost. I did not purchase the inserts that Cuteybaby made specifically for this diaper. Their website says that you can use any type of insert or prefold with this wrap.The sizing on this medium diaper kind of worried me because it's supposed to fit 10-30 pounds. I was thinking it would either be way to small on my 28 pound toddler or way to big on my 13 infant. After getting home I threw it in the wash with my other diapers and waited. After I took the diaper out of the wash I decided to use it first because I was curious how it would work. Mainly because of the way it is made. The outside is made of a waterproof polyester that is laminated to prevent leaks and the inside is a soft fleece that wicks moisture away from the baby's bottom. There is a hole in the middle of the wrap that you stuff the inserts into. Because I didn't buy their inserts I had to come up with something of my own so I used a microfiber insert on the bottom with a insert that I picked up at a garage sale that I think might be home made but I'm not positive. It's made of flannel and has a fleece layer on top for against baby's skin. So with it stuffed I put it on my little guy and put it to the test. I was thinking that with the front of the diaper having the fleece lining coming down more that he would pee all over it but when I pulled it up he actually was not on the fleece liner but on the inserts. After 2 hours I decided to change him and for the next time we used the diaper on him I used a microfiber with a hemp on top. This time he truly put the diaper to the test with a major EBF poopy explosion! I was so afraid to look inside and see a huge mess. But after I took it off I was so surprised to find that the fleece liner actually contained the poo really well. It all went under the lining and onto the inserts. With that said, who wants to stick their fingers into that hole and pull out the inserts??? Not me! Which is good because with this diaper you dont have to! You throw it into the wet bag as is and the inserts come out in the wash. Very handy. However my toddler has yet to poo in this diaper, mainly because its usually on my infant, but I'm not sure how cleaning it would go. I don't have a diaper sprayer yet but I think that if you were to spray the poo it would all get caught up underneath the fleece liner. So you would almost have to remove the inserts anyways to clean up the mess.

Okay on to the fit of this diaper. I was actually quite happy with the way it fit my infant. With it fitting 10-30 pounds with no way to adjust the rise of the diaper I really thought I would have problems with this. However it fit great and we have not had any leaks yet. The front of the diaper velcro's shut. He had just enough of a gut so that it wasn't lose on him. There wasn't to much bulk in the front, I guess it just depends on what you stuff it with. I really like the Green Tribal print I purchased. On the back of the diaper is their label with pink flowers but its not to overwhelming on a boy. The rear of the diaper isn't to bulky either. It probably looks bigger than it really is in the picture, but it will also depend on what you stuff it with that will determine the final bulk. In the last picture I show the leg area of the diaper. There is a little bit of a gap between the diaper and the leg, and this was on my chunky 3 1/2 month old. When I put it on my skinny toddler there was no gap.

I didn't get any pictures of my toddler in this diaper but he has worn it a few times. It fits him really well as well. I have had no leaks as of yet with this diaper and hopes it continues this way. I might eventually purchase a few more of these wraps because they have some really cute prints, especially for boys and its hard to find cute boy prints. Over all I would say this is a good diaper, the only issue I have with it is the Velcro tabs. They are already curling and I am thinking I'm going to need to replace them already. When I looked online at their site says this diaper has removable Velcro tabs to prevent wear in the laundry but I can't find them on my diaper...


Rita said...

I have two Cuteybaby diapers and my sister-in-law has a few for my nephew. They were recently featured on babysteals or halfoffbaby and we ordered them from there. I got the fuschia dot for my daughter and I LOVE the pattern, but I've noticed that the quality of the diapers seems to be very ... unstable? That's the wrong word, but what I mean is that from one diaper to the next, the quality varies greatly. For instance, in the same pack of size large fuschia dot AIO diapers, one diaper has snaps on the hips - for some type of size adjustment, I presume, though I've found nothing on any websites that indicates this is normal. The other diaper from the same package has no snaps, and my nephew's don't have snaps. So it's just that one, and that seems random. My Velcro tabs do come off for the wash, but it doesn't surprise me that yours don't. Their products seem to vary greatly in production quality and consistency. The diaper itself is still a bit big yet, so I hope when we're able to use it, I'll be happy with it. I love the pattern and, if for no other reason than that, I hope it gets regular use.

Libby said...

I too have tried one of the Cutey Baby lines. I purchased the "Modern Cloth diaper" AIO OS system and it is the one that comes with removable velcro tabs. The "That's a Wrap" system that you describe here, does not. I had some issues with the Modern AIO, one size. It was far too big for my 20 pounder, there were leak issues, and the velcro tabs were so close to the top of the diaper that they left reddened marks on her tum after wearing them. I believe the "That's a wrap" system was the answer to a alot of issues that occured with the "Modern Cloth" system.
Recently, I contacted the maker, Ada, and she is letting me return the Modern Cloth diapers in exchange to try the That's a wraps. I am so pleased and excited to try them!
They really are the cutest things, aren't they? ;)

Tara said...

I have to admit this diaper doesn't fit my little one very well. The prints are super cute but she has very little legs and I just can't get the fit tight enough. I'm glad it worked for you thought and I love that you found it in a large retail store!!

Anonymous said...

The wraps are much better than the All-in-ones they sell, but the velcro curls terribly. Mine curled right afer washing. Cutey Baby is fixing this issue. Once that is fixed, I really like these covers. You can use a regular prefold inside it, but I used the ones made by cutey baby because I liked the stay dry. I am waiting to get the new ones (with improved velcro) at Cutie Poops and Bottoms when they get them back in stock. (Owner removed the old ones because of the curling problems)

Anonymous said...

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