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August 26, 2010

Night time Diapering: Fuzzibunz

Tonight's night time diaper solution is the perfect size Fuzzibunz. I use this on my infant. With him it took a really long time to find the right diaper for night time. I would just put him in prefolds or this or that diaper. I got a steal of a deal on these diapers. I have two of them. Both white. My sister works at Target and marks items on clearance. Apparently Target sells some cloth diapers on website but not in stores. So if someone purchases them online and doesn't like/want them they can return them in store. And because Target does not carry them in store they get marked down 75% instantly. So I got two perfect size Fuzzibunz in size small for only $4.88, that's for both so only $2.44 a piece! So anyways that's how I came across these diapers. The insert that comes with them is nice and thick and holds a lot of liquid. Here is the diaper:

Cute and simple. This is also a super soft and fluffy diaper to put on my baby!
It comes in snaps, which I really like. There is a row of snaps across the top which allows you to adjust the waist tightness and then there is a lower curved row of snaps which allows you to adjust the leg tightness.
The diaper opened up. There is a nice soft fleece lining the inside of the diaper which is nice for night time to keep moisture off the baby's bottom.
There is a big pocket opening for stuffing the diaper.

This picture below was taken about a month ago. It fits really well and isn't to bulky on him. I like that the snaps can be adjusted to fit his chunky legs and can be tighter at the waist if needed.
My overall experience with this diaper:
-I really like this diaper for my infant. I will put the insert that came with as well as a second microfiber insert into it for night time and rarely ever have a leak.
-I also use this for day time if needed but I like to save it for night time.
-You can get the perfect size Fuzzibunz on clearance at different stores right now. They come in cute colors and also some cute daisy prints.
-These wash up really well. I've had mine for a few months not and have not had a single issue with it. No loose threads, no piling anywhere on it. The elastic is holding up well.
-So far this is my favorite night time diaper for my infant.

Have you used this as your night time diaper? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This was my bulletproof night time diaper for my daughter as well. She is now 17 mos and has really chunky thighs and has finally outgrown it. It is supposed to be "one size", but at about 27 lbs, it is just too tight on her legs. You forgot to mention the adjustable elastic inside. That is an awesome feature. Mine came with two inserts, the small one and a larger one. We used both at night on my daughter who was a super soaker and NEVER had a single leak. Im sad that it doesn't fit anymore, and am anxiously awaiting each of your night time blogs to see if I can find another bulletproof nightime diaper for my chunky monkey:)

Kristina said...

This is actually just the perfect size diaper. I have it in the size small. I do have a fuzzibunz onesize that I will be doing a review and giveaway for hopefully next week. So this diaper doesnt have the adjustable elastic but the one size does!

JustCorey said...

my little one is a heavy wetter at night so i have been looking for good reviews for nighttime diapers... i currently still use disposables

coreybelle86 at yahoo dot com

Wendy said...

My stash consists mainly of FB Mediums so I use these at night as well. Normally I haven't had any problems with leaking, EVER, but last night my daughter did leak through. Maybe as she gets older she becomes more of a heavy wetter? I am not sure but I don't think we will be using these at night anymore. I think I will go back to Thirsties and prefolds for night time use.

Mama B said...

I LOVE my fuzzibuns- I'm so jealous you got them so cheap!

AEK said...

I love Fuzzibunz as a nighttime diaper along with Joey Bunz inserts --- they are pretty bulletproof for me!

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