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August 14, 2010

My Process

We all have different ways of doing things, and that includes the way we care for our diapers. I thought I would share with you my process that I use each day.

I currently have two boys in cloth diapers. Our infant is still sleeping in our room so I have a makeshift changing station set up on our dresser. I have a big basket that holds all of his diapers, a plastic wipes case that I keep butt cream, trash bags, nail clippers and other misc. items in. Then I have another wipes case that holds a bunch of cloth wipes. The third tub holds changing pads for under his bottom.
I just have a towel folded up that I lay him on for a nice padded space. This is really handy to have at night time so he doesn't wake up his brother in the middle of the night if by chance I have to change him, which I typically don't have to because of cloth! After changing my infant I put his diaper straight into a diaper pail lined with a wet bag, whether its a stinky one or just wet. I usually don't rinse his out because he is EBF.

For my toddler I have a changing table in his room that I love! A lot of people I talk with don't really use their changing tables but I use mine every time. Its just a typical changing table with two shelves and a small drawer. And a contour pad on the top. I have a 4 tier shelf next to the changing table that I keep his goodies on. On the top I keep my wipes warmer, another thing I love but others oppose. And I keep his butt cream, and diaper liners on that shelf as well. On the second shelf I keep his everyday diapers (pockets, AIO's). On the third shelf I keep his night time diapers, covers, fitteds, and prefolds. And on the bottom shelf is the last of my disposables that probably don't even fit my baby anymore. In baskets on the changing table I keep extra inserts, doublers, and fleece liners as well as a couple of older covers that I will probably never use and should just get rid of. I am just about out of my disposable wipes so I have a diaper pail in this room for that purpose. When my last two tubs of wipes are gone we will be using cloth wipes full time. So I will be putting a wet bag liner in that can. When he has a soiled diaper I bring it to the bathroom for a *dip and swish* because I currently lack a diaper sprayer, then it goes in the diaper pail. If he is just wet I toss it in my large wet bag that is either hanging on the changing table or on the laundry door.
I have two medium wet bags that I keep in my diaper bag for when we are on the go. These come in quite handy because I typically do wash every other day. That allows for me to use one bag one day and if its full I can just switch to the next bag on the next day.
Washing time:
-First I run a cold cycle to rinse out my diapers.
-Next I run a hot/cold cycle with Allens laundry soap.
-Then I run another rinse on the diapers just to make sure I get out all the soap.
-Then as I take the items out of the washer I seperate the covers and shells from the inserts and prefolds. The covers and shells I hang on my line above my washing machine. Everything else goes into the dryer unless I am going to line dry which is what I typically do. When I line dry outside I like to group my like items...yeah I'm kind of weird and like them grouped. I hang my AIO's up first. The bumGenius organic AIO's I just hang up but I like to turn my Drybees AIO's and Thirsties AIO's inside out so that the microfiber is facing out. I find that they try way faster that way. Then I will hang up my prefolds then inserts and doublers. I also like to hang up the items that are stained the worst in the spot on the line that gets the most direct sun light.
-After taking the items off the clothes line they feel really stiff so I will toss them into the dryer for 15-20 minutes just to fluff them up a bit and make them softer.
-After taking them out of the dryer I sort everything out and stuff all the pockets and fold the diapers up then put them away in their designated spots.
I hope I didn't bore you to much with this post. But I know one thing that I like to find out about from other cloth diaper-ers is the process they use to take care of their diapers so I thought I would share with you what my process is.