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August 24, 2010

Night time Diapering: Kawaii baby

We all believe we have heavy wetters. And we all have a hard time finding that perfect night time cloth diaper. So this week I am doing a series on night time cloth diapering. When I first started cloth diapering my two boys I will be honest and say that I still used disposables for night time. I think most of us do because we have no idea what to use to guarantee no leaks over night in cloth...not that sposies are leak free at night either! So to start us off on our night time adventure we have the:

Goodnight Heavy Wetter AIO Diaper

Multi Layer Outer Cover, 4 Layers XL inserts

SUPER SOFT Micro-fleece inner lined

Each Diaper comes in 2 XL Microfiber Inserts

Fit from 8-36lbs

Okay for my first night time diaper review I choose I do my newest method. I asked my sister in law if I could borrow her diapers that she didn't use anymore for my boys to try out and one of the diapers she gave me to use was the Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter diaper. They come as onesize, and have cute animal prints with either a purple, white or green back ground.The picture below shows the diaper on all of the size settings going small, medium and then large.
Here is a close of of the white diaper set on the smallest setting which I used for my infant.
This is what the diaper looks opened up. It has two rows of snaps across the top and then three rows of snaps for the rise of the diaper.
The diaper pocket is nice. When the diaper is stuffed you tuck the back part of the insert under the flap in the back. Then the top fleece layer goes over top of the flap to keep it down. There is nice opening making it easy to stuff.
The elastic in the leg is great. It has a great stretch to it.
One issue that I've found with this diaper is that there is a lot of excess bulk with the insert if you have it on the smaller setting. There is no where for it to go unless you fold it over in the front or in the back.
Here is the diaper on my baby. This is his bum from the top.
Here is his bum from the side view...its bulky but what do you expect for a night time diaper?!
Here is the front from the side. Its not to bad depending on where you folded over the extra insert at.
Here is a front top shot.
My Experience with this diaper:
-I love how soft this diaper is. The outside is really nice and can be wiped clean if it gets dirty yet has a nice cloth-y feeling to it. I also love the adorable animals on it. The inside is a super soft micro-fleece and washes really well and stays soft.
-This diaper comes with 2 4 layer microfiber inserts (both are large). This is nice because it is a night time diaper for heavy wetters, however they are both large and with the diaper on the small setting it get quite bulky. I wish it had a large and small insert with the diaper.
-The diaper is a bit bulky but not bad at all. You could easily fix that problem by putting different inserts into it.
-This diaper is made specifically for night time however I used it all day and at night time and was very happy with the way it worked. I only had a couple of leaks and they happened when Z was sleeping on his side for a couple of hours and the other time was because I had the snaps not tight enough.
- I really like these diapers for night time and for day time. I grab them before some of my other 'name brand' diapers even!
-These diapers are really cheap, only 7.75! So you are probably wondering how a diaper that sell for that cheap work well and last, well I have no idea but I am very happy with it and how its working for me and I might even look into getting more of the Kawaii day time diapers to try out.
-You can get these on ebay for even cheaper if you catch a great deal or you can purchase them online at Luv Your Baby Products

Have you used the Kawaii Night Time Diapers? What do you think of them?


Heather said...

I love my Kawaii's. I have both the night time diapers and the bamboo diapers and they are wonderful. I never have leak issues and they are very well made.

Carly said...

You have no idea how Happy I am that you did this post:) I am expecting a Baby girl early Oct and I will have 2 In Diapers my other son just turned 18 months. I was looking at the Kawaii Diapers as a wasy to fill up my Pocket Stash so I would not have to use Prefolds and covers half of the day. These are Super affordable ..I think I am going to get at least 12. Thank you for the Review!!

Anonymous said...

I use the Snazzy Minky One Size AIO Diaper for daytime (with one insert) and at night (with 2 inserts. I've only had one leak with them which was the first night I used them because I wanted to see if it worked for night time with only one insert (it doesn't!!!). I've been so happy with the Kawaii Baby diapers that they're the only ones I'll buy now. You can't go wrong with the price or the cute designs (leopard print!!!)

danamarie said...

I am the sister in law that gave them to her to use...LOL the reason I did not like them is because they were so bulky and my kids hated them and they were so tight around the legs on them they left HUGE red marks on their legs when they woke up. They held the pee really well I like that about them! I got them from the website she posted actually! Very cheap for a night time cloth diaper but I will stick with my BG organics and I really like my Grovia diaper I just got too! I guess I am blessed enough not to have a heavy wetter like some of you explain your heavy wetters to be! He is a heavy heavy wetter but apprently not like some! Thanks for your posts I love to read the differnt thigs too! I want to try the fleece ones for my toddler and my 5 year old for night time for potty training at night!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Kawaii diapers too, as a 15 pack for $100. I love them, and my daughter wears them all the time with no leaks. However, my daughter is 4 months old and her legs are on the biggest size for the three snap closures (I got the assorted types package). I'm not sure what I'm going to do when she gets bigger! Of course, she is a thunder thighs right now...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love them! I also have a heavy wetter, no leaks at night with this diaper! I have name brands also, but these are becoming one of my favorites. The inside of this diaper is soooo soft! I'm even using them during the day! Can't go wrong with this amazing and economical diaper!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Oh, I love my Kawaii diapers! I have been meaning to buy a "nighttime" kawaii, but they are always sold out!

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