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August 6, 2010

Woombie Review

What is something that almost every new parent deals with at night (besides lack of sleep)? Trying to keep their baby swaddled! I know with both of my sons after they were born they loved to be swaddle up nice and tight when they were put down to bed. No matter how tight I wrapped and how well I tucked and folded they still managed to get out of the blanket. I've woke up a few times now with my 2nd son and have found him with a blanket over his face! Not the most reassuring thing to wake up and see. So I decided to search for a great swaddler and I found a neat product called the Woombie. This is a great swaddler for parents to try if they have a baby that needs to be swaddled at night. It is nice and form fitting and stays snug against their body but won't go up over their face. It has a zipper from the neck down to the toes, and a flap that goes over the zipper at the top to help keep it zipped. Imagine a sleeper that has no sleeves and the legs are sewn together to make a sack. The material has a four way stretch to move with your little one, but keeps the movements minimal so that their baby reflexes won't wake them (and you) up in the middle of the night. That is how the Woombie came to be created. The creators of this product searched and searched for the right swaddler and after no success created their own swaddler and called it the Woombie. You can read more about the company here.

I was given a Woombie to try out and review for all of you. Here is what I thought:

  • I received a size Newborn which fits 5-13 pounds. My son is probably just over the weight range for this swaddler but It still fit him great. The other sizes (listed on the package) are Preemie (3-6 pounds), Newborn (5-13 pounds), Big Baby (14-19 pounds), and Mega Baby (20-25 pounds)
  • The Woombie comes in 4 colors, Buttercup(yellow), Tahiti (blue), Key lime (green), and Sleepy Rose (pink). We received the buttercup to try out.
  • Material: I was actually quite surprised by the material used. It is ultra stretchy, and is a nice light weight material, great for hot summers yet it would also work great in winter time and keeping baby warm. We put our baby in the Woombie with just a onesie on and he didn't seem to get cold or sweaty in it. It has a neat 4 way stretch which allowed a little movement, also the material was great when zipping up because it didn't get tight around baby.
  • Special features include a double zipper that allows you to either open up the bottom to let the legs out (great for changing diapers) or open up the top to let the arms out.
  • When can you use it? There are a couple different things you can use this for: the obvious is for night time and nap time to keep baby sleeping, another thing moms use it for is nursing to keep the little hands out of the way.
At first when we put our baby in the swaddler we had to giggle because of how he looked in the swaddler. It was so different from just wrapping him in a blanket but the concept of the Woombie is amazing. I love how it can't go any where on the baby. He stayed nice and snug and slept 8-9 hours in it. Now I do have to admit that he was a good sleep before we had the Woombie and I was worried that putting him in this would hurt his great sleeping skills (1st son still does not sleep thought the night). But we went again and gave it a go and He actually had a smoother sleep than normal. Not only did he sleep his normal 8 hours but he didn't stir as much in his sleep looking for his pluggie for something to snuggle with. It was really nice. This is also a great item to have for nursing. I nursed my little guy while he was in this and he couldn't push
me out of his mouth or scratch me. It was great. I will be recommending this to parents to try out on their babies. Its a great, safe, alternative to regular blankets and I felt very comfortable putting him in it and not having to worry if he was going to end up with his head under his blanket or not.

Woombie also makes some Woombies where there are arm holes that you can open or close, as well as Woombie that has legs which would be nice for strollers and car seats!For more information on these other products visit Woombie

If you would like to purchase a Woombie: go here or any of their retailers, such as Toys R' Us, Diapers.com and Amazon.

*This Product is being given by the Woombie company. I was not paid to do this giveaway. I received a Woombie original to test and review.


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