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August 20, 2010

WubbaNub Review

I was given the opportunity to use (well my son was) and review a WubbaNub Infant Pacifier. I had seen these around before but never had purchased one for either or my boys. Mainly because my oldest couldn't keep that kind of pacifier in his mouth for nothing and for my infant we just used the brand the hospital used. So when I had the opportunity to try out this cute pacifier I took it! Here is how it arrived, we got the cute puppy dog!
Before getting into to much detail about my experience I want to share a little about how the WubbaNub came to be. The following was taken directly from WubbaNub. To read more go here.

The Birth of WubbaNub... They say "necessity is the mother of invention " and for Carla Schneider, it was an absolute necessity that she soothe her infant baby on their first vacation as a family. What was supposed to be a relatively relaxing, blissful time was replaced with non-stop fussing and crying. After an entire night of the ever-persistent "missing pacifier syndrome", Carla knew she needed to take matters into her own hands. She found the hotel sewing kit and took her baby's favorite soft plush toy and sewed the pacifier right onto it. Thus, a happy ending for the Schneider family's vacation and the birth of the first WubbaNub!
About the product: The puppy attached to the pacifier is really light weight making it easier for the baby to keep the pacifier in their mouth with out a bunch of weight pulling down on it. The material is nice and soft and machine washable! The pacifier is a Soothie pacifier. One of the first things I looked at after opening the WubbaNub was how the pacifier was attached to the animal. It is attached really well at the dogs mouth by the stem of the pacifier. I gave it a few good pulls to see how strong it was.

Then on to the test subject. My cutie Z. Z usually uses a MAM pacifier, like the one we were given from the hospital. The two pacifiers have different structures and I wasn't sure how he would do sucking on the new pluggie(that's what we call a pacifier). It took him a minute with the WubbaNub but he got the hang of it. Here are a few shots of him using it in different positions. Belly, back, side, sitting up.
My Review:
Overall I really like this WubbaNub. Its a fun and cute alternative to a plain old pluggie. It has a really soft doggie attached and had no scratchy parts on it that made me worry. The Soothie pacifier was attached extremely well and I tugged good and hard on it to make sure it wouldn't come off. I really liked the fact that it was easy to find. I usually have to dig around down by the hips in the car seat to try and find a plug but with this it is much easier to find because it has the puppy attached. It is easy to clean because the pacifier is one solid piece so it does not have spots where gunk can build up in and get gross. It is also machine washable, air dry. One thing that Z likes is to hold onto something and this was great for that. We could put the pacifier in and he would hold on tight to the puppy part. The only problem that I found at this point is that he has a tendency to pull it out and he's not really old enough to get it back in. I think once he gets a little older and is able to put the pluggie in on his own this will be a great item to have!

Would you like a WubbaNub?
-You can go here to find a store near you that sells them. You can also purchase them at diapers.com (valued at around $12.95)

* This Product is being given by the WubbaNub company. I was not paid to do this giveaway. I received a WubbaNub to test and review. This review is of my own personal opinions.


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