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October 31, 2010

SoftBums Review

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So I love to search online to find great diaper stores. When I find a new one I check it out good. I first look to see their shipping rates (I like free). Then I like to see what brands they carry as well as special offers and packages. I came across a great store a little while ago called Abbys Lane. Abby's Lane opened in 2004 and is owned by Stephanie. Her and her husband started cloth diapering shortly after their first (Abby) was born. They then opened up Abby's Lane as a resource for parents who were thinking about using cloth and already used cloth. Guess what? They have great products and free shipping! They also carry other great parenting products like shopping cart covers, baby carriers, and more. Stephanie, the owner of Abby's Lane, sent me a Soft Bums diaper to use and review. I have been wanting to try out this diaper for a while now but hadn't had the opportunity to purchase it so I took the opportunity from Abby's Lane. I recieved the SoftBums Echo Solo Pack in Robots print.
I was so happy to get this diaper and guess what... I forgot to put it in the wash the next day with my other diapers so I had to wait extra to use it! I hate when that happens!
This diaper comes with a great snap in insert. It is extra long so you can fold under the extra for more absorption. This is great especially for a boy because the extra material will be in the front. The smaller the baby the more you will have to fold under.
The SoftBums diaper features a unique one size adjustment. They use toggles (hidden snugglers) to adjust the leg tightness. This is great for getting a true perfect fit that you can't necessarily get with a one size snap diaper.
The liner snaps into the back for the diaper shell.
Here is the diaper with the liner snapped in. The front of the diaper has the extra liner folded underneath.
This shows the diaper fully opened up to the largest setting. I picked the velcro closure on the diaper.
The little gap is the opening where you reach in to tighten the elastic around the legs.
Here is the diaper on my little guy. As you can see he has chubby legs. I was able to get the right fit by using the hidden snugglers.
The side view of the diaper. This is fairly trim but not my trimmest diaper. I am able to fit his correct sized clothing over it with no problems.
The back. If you look toward the top of the diaper you might be able to see the snap for the insert. Also, don't you just love the Robot print? I have such a hard time finding a print that is BOY. I see some great prints that are made for boys but you could use then on girls as well. Not that you can't put robots on a girl but this is definitely a boy print.

The diaper that I got, SoftBums Echo Solo Pack runs $25.95. It comes with the shell and one snap in liner. You can use the shell over 3-6 times as long as the shell remains clean. They recommend air drying the shell in between uses. You can also purchase extra snap in liners for around 5 dollars depending on what kind you get (that is a great deal for this).

My experience with this diaper:
-Overall I am happy with it. I do find that it will leak on me if I don't get it changed soon enough. I think 3 hours is pushing it, I usually try to change diapers every 2-2 1/2 hours depending on how much the boys are drinking.
-Is the shell REALLY reusable? Yes, my toddler wore this diaper today for the first time (I've been using it mainly on my 6 month old) and of course he had to poo in it. The insert actually caught the whole mess and if I had an extra liner I would have been able to reuse the shell. Will this be the case every time. No.
-I find it really hard to reach into the shell to grab the elastic to tighten the diaper. The opening is about an inch wide which makes it hard to reach in and grab.
-This is a great diaper for growing with your child. If you need it looser you can actually squeeze the toggle inside the diaper from the outside of the shell to loosen it. I liked this. However I don't really think this is the most versatile diaper if you are cloth diapering two children like I am who are different sizes. It takes to much work to readjust the toggles to the right size to go between children. With snaps you can adjust quickly but this takes a little more time.
-I love the colors and prints that this diaper comes in. I think the price is pretty good. I would probably like to get a second insert for this diaper for when the little guy is just wet.
-It seems to wash up quite nicely.

Would you like to buy this diaper? Go here

***Abby's Lane sent me a SoftBums Echo Solo pack to use and review free of charge. I was not paid in anyway to do this review and it is entirely of my own opinion. ***