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October 2, 2010

The messy side of things

There are so many options available to moms who want to use cloth wipes. I recently had the opportunity to review Bummas wipes and really love them. I also have a few other wipes in my 'wipes stash.' Those include a 12 pack of boy wash clothes that I purchased from Meijer for $3.99, the other kind I have are Prince Lion Heart Wipes.
Bummas Wipes
When I started cloth diapering my boys I thought about using cloth wipes but I had a HUGE pile of disposable wipes that I planned on using. I figured I would use them up then switch full time to cloth wipes. Why not really? You already have to wash the diapers so whats a few extra pieces of fabric right? As my pile of disposable wipes got smaller and small until I finally had just one tub left I quickly added wipes to my shopping list, found my best coupon and purchased a couple more tubs. They are easy and you just toss them and they are great for those sticky little fingers and mouth that had just enjoyed fruit snacks. So I continued with the disposables, at least with my toddler. After I finished the tub up that was in my infants changing table I switched to cloth wipes right away. I purchased some Baby Bum Drops from my local store and found a spray bottle at my grocery store and made up a batch for the wipes. They smell great and work awesome. I am very happy using the cloth wipes. Especially on the rare occasions that he develops a rash. The cloth wipes are so soft for his bum.
Baby Bum Drops
There are so many great options out there for cloth wipes and depending on what you want to spend you will really be able to find the one that works great for you. The 12 pack of wash clothes I got from Meijer were only $3.99 and they work great and wash up great. The Prince Lion Heart wipes I found on clearance for around $7 and they are really soft, they shrunk a little bit and a few are shredding on the sides already. The most expensive ones I have are the Bummas and they run $16.99 for a 10 pack and even though the price is high they are worth it. They are strong and durable and I have yet to see a shrinking issue, shredding issue or staining issue with them. I have heard that they last a long time as well. But if you dont have money to buy wipes find a flannel baby blanket and cut it into 7x7 squares, sew around the edges to prevent fraying and use away!

What are your favorite wipes to use?


Anonymous said...

I made all of my own! I too was using disposable wipes but now that I'm cloth diapering full time (we used to do it part time only) it's so much easier to just throw the wipe in the pail with the diaper. Mine were free since my mother-in-law gave me her Serger that she no longer uses and a few meters of flannel. I made them in 7'' double-layered squares.

Dana said...

I made mine out of receiving blankets. I got probably 50 receiving blankets between 2 baby showers and they sat in the top of my son's closet not in use.... I was very happy to cut them up and find a use for them when we started cloth diapering when my son was 5 months old! And I don't even use a wipe solution with them-- just a spray bottle with room temp water and he gets a bath every night.... I mean adults don't use soap to wipe their bums ;D