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October 1, 2010

Bummas Wipes review

Bummas sent me a set of tropical wipes to try out and review for them.

Here is a little about my cloth wipes background. At first I was hesitant to use cloth wipes, a main reason being no diaper sprayer. So when I finally decided to use cloth wipes I started out using them on my EBF baby because they wouldn't need to be rinsed off before being put in the wet bag. Now, I use them full time on my baby and occasionally on my toddler. When I am away from home I still use disposable wipes and have a pile of snack size ziplock bags in my diaper bag to put the dirty ones in. I am slowly transitioning into the cloth wipes and so far its not as bad as I thought. I use the Baby Bum Drops sold by Knickernappies for my wipes and really like the smell of it. I currently have 3 types of wipes: baby wash cloths, Prince Lion wipes ( I think that's what they are) and then the Bummas. Here are the wipes I received: They are the fun tropical prints.
These come packages so nicely.

The colors are nice and vibrant

In the tropical set there are 8 white, one green and one orange wipe.

The size of the wipe is just right for a baby's bum.
Product Information - Cloth Baby Wipe

* Eliminates the use of talcum powder.
* 100% Cotton - Woven Velour Terry Cloth milled in the USA.
* Variety of color combinations for nursery themes.
* Handy 5” x 7” size. Won’t pill, shrink, or fade.
* Durable. Just throw them in the wash and use again.
* They will last until your little one is out of diapers and beyond!
* Made in the USA

My experience with these wipes:
-These wipes have two different textured sides. One is more soft than the other which is great when you have a baby with a rash on his bum.
-These wipes have multiple uses beside wiping up poo. I have used them for washing/bathing, wiping up boogies, cleaning out my sons eye (he has a clogged tear duct so lots of drainage) as well as drying my little guys bottom after being cleaned up.
-These are extremely durable. I was so happy to see how well they held up after being washed multiple times. No shrinking, fading or coming apart like some of my other wipes did.
-I was concerned with most of the wipes being white...hello we are cleaning up poo! And im not one to like seeing stains on my items but after using these for a few weeks I have yet to see a stain they wash up so nicely!
-These are the first wipes I reach for and as strange as it seems, I am sad when they are used up and I have to use the other wipes in my stash.

Would you like to try out the Bummas wipes? You can purchase them here for $16.99 (10 pk.). The price may seem high but it is so worth it. I have a feeling that these wipes will last for a very long time.

This review is of my own honest opinion. Your experiences may differ from mine. I was not paid in any way to write this review. I was provided by Bummas with a set of Tropical Wipes to use and review.


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