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October 27, 2010

Diaper Sprayer

I've been asked a few times if a diaper sprayer is really necessary. No its not, especially at the cost you have to pay to buy one. They usually run $40 and up which is a large price for something you don't HAVE to have. I didn't get a sprayer right away and did just fine with out it. I would dip the diaper in the water and give it a good shake to get the majority of the poo off then rub it together and give it a little scrub to get the rest off. Its kind of gross but it works. I eventually got a diaper sprayer, courtesy of my brother-in-law who made myself and his wife one. I was so excited to get one. Here is what it looked like.
The water pressure is really high but it can be adjusted...
This is a horrible picture but if you look close the middle silver par is actually a little turn switch so you can turn the water pressure off and on. Nice for when you have a toddler who want to help. You can also just turn it open part of the way and have a little less pressure coming out of the sprayer.
The one downside I find with the diaper sprayer is that if you hit the diaper at just the right angle you either get sprayed with the poopy water or you spray the poopy water everywhere else. I've been learning to spray it just right.

You can find diaper sprayers at most online and in store diaper stores. But you can also find them on amazon for a little cheaper. You can also find some great tutorials on youtube for how to make and install your own sprayer. Mine cost about $25 bucks said and done!


Anonymous said...

I've got to respectfully disagree - a diaper sprayer is a must! :) Save up a few bucks every month if you have to. Started my son on solids at about 5.5 months old and didn't get our diaper sprayer hooked up until he was 7.5 months old. I HATED doing the dunk'n'flush. For solid poops that don't leave much behind that's fine...but if you get those gross peanut butter poops...*shudder*. An alternative to a diaper sprayer which I've heard works really good is getting a spatula, a designated "poop" spatula, leave it in the bathroom and just scrape the poop off with it. :)

Twins Crew said...

I got one @ Home Depot for $30 bucks!! It works great!!

Winkydinks said...

I never wound up getting one. I thought about it, but my 3 year old would have had way too much fun with a "fire hose", and I couldn't trust him. I just did the dunk n flush and we all survived :)

Unknown said...

We've been using cloth for 3 years and have yet to get/need a sprayer...nor have we ever "dunk'd & swished". We have had 'ball poo' and the lovely 'peanut butter poo' (lol) and it all comes off just fine by turning the diaper "inside out" (I guess just pushing the poo off? hard to explain, but I'm certain no one wants a video, LOL) If there was any left behind after that, a couple squares of TP does the job just fine for us. Maybe we're lucky? lol

Kristina said...

I've had the poo that falls off and i've had the peanut butter poo that took/takes some work to get off. So gross! LOL I do like my sprayer but I don't like when I hit it wrong and spray poopy water all over the place and myself! EW

Jessica Anderson said...

My hubby made mine off of a YouTube video for $30. I love it and wouldn't go back!

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