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March 22, 2011

Wolly Pop Cover

When I received this Wolly Pop Fleece cover from Natural Family Supplies I was excited. I had only tried one other kind of fleece cover and it was a soaker so it had to be pulled on. This Wolly Pop cover comes with a velcro closure. The fleece is a nice thick material and was sewn very well. I got this light green cover to test out.
The tabs can cross over and also have laundry tabs for sticking when you to the laundry. They do hold together well in the wash!

The inside of this cover is nice and simple. You can see the laundry tabs on the left and the front of the diaper is on the right. The nice thing about fleece is that is does not have PUL because it naturally keeps moisture off baby and is breathable and allows air to pass through.
I believe I got the size large for my boys. It had a great fit on both of them. My toddler is now potty tained so no more diaper testing on him...bummer! Oh well...I like washing less diapers, and the diaper bag isn't crammed as full each time we go out. Anyways, I had to use the cross over tabs on my 10 month old so there is PLENTY of room to grow still in this cover. He probably would have fit into a medium comfortably. One thing I did notice that you can kind of see in this picture is that the leg holes cut VERY high. I usually had to tuck in what ever prefold/fitted diaper that was under the cover otherwise at the top of the thigh it would be exposed. If you look on the right (his left) thigh you can see a tiny bit of the prefold that I had on him.
The cover goes up high in the back but I think as he grows this cover will fit him great. He is at the lower end of the weight range for the large size.
With a simple prefold underneath the cover it wasn't to bulky.
My thoughts on the Wolly Pop Cover:
I really enjoyed this cover. It is nice to have a fleece cover or two around for when my baby's bum gets a little red. I love to use the fleece to help them air out and clear up the rash. I found that when I put a fitted diaper on under this that it did get quite big because the fleece is thicker than the thin PUL other covers are made with. For using fitteds and prefolds at night this is great to have as well. Because baby is in a single diaper for such a long period of time its nice having them be in one that can breath rather than trap in all the wetness along the bottom. I haven't had any leak issues with this cover either. If I could revamp this cover I would simply lower the material on the thigh so that you didn't have to tuck the prefold/fitted in each time. Other than that the price for this cover is great, the colors are fun and it works well!


Thomasin said...

I'm surprised by how trim this fleece looks. Nice!

Boise Wiebers said...

That looks so soft and cozy. Do they pill up very much?

Amy @ Anktangle said...

The link to the covers isn't working, so I can't choose a color. =(

EmilyC said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Two Little Monkeys said...

I reeeeally want to try this!

JLJMommy said...

Entered, Thank you!

jdm2551 said...

entered! thank you!!

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I just entered! Just in case:
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Melissa said...

Love this!!! Thank you for the awesome giveaways this month:)

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