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March 8, 2011

Star Baby Design Review and Giveaway


Star Baby Designs was started in 2008 by Lindsey who cloth diapers her son and enjoys making cloth diapers for others. You can find her shops here and here. She offers new born fitteds, OS fitteds or AI2's, matching shirts for the fitteds, hats and bibs. She has an awesome selection of fabrics to choose from as well. Most of her items are made custom just for you! I was able to choose a few different prints that I liked from her selection and she used this adorable stripped print. I love it! Perfect for my boys. It came packaged nice and simple with a ribbon and a business card.

As you can see the fitted has nice cross over tabs as well as three rows of snaps for the rise.
The tabs on the inside of this diaper have three snaps on each side. I have found this to be truly amazing! How many of you have experienced wing droop, where you snap the diaper on and then the sides of the front of the diaper start to sag and go lower and lower... Yup you know what I'm talking about. With Star Baby's fitteds you will not have to worry about this happening. The three snaps that are located on the wing/tabs of this diaper go all the way back to almost behind the hip (depending on the size of your baby). If you look at the picture below you will see the tho white snaps on the red fabric. If you go all the way into the diaper to where the red meets the stripped fabric you can kind of see a third white snap.
Here is a picture of the wings opened up. You can clearly see the three side snaps on here. There is a single row of snaps across the waist and then the three adjustment snaps that go up to the rise adjustment snaps.
The inside of this diaper is a nice soft cotton/poly velour fabric. The inside materials are made of rayon from bamboo/cotton fleece. Star Baby's diapers are a fitted / AI2. They come with a snap in liner, the big oval you see in the middle of the diaper. This is very nice because instead of having one really bulky diaper that might eventually build up stink you have a bunch of thinner layers of material that will wash up nice and dry a lot faster.

The snap in liner has two layers. The bottom is sewn onto the top layer. The bottom layer does not have the velour material on it, just the top layer that goes against baby. The liner snaps in with two snaps on the back of the diaper.
I use this on both of my boys. Here is the fitted opened all the way on my 2 1/2 year old who weight around 30 pounds. These fitteds are said to go up to 30 pounds. The rise was just right on him when opened all the way up. The tabs are snapped as close together with out crossing over. He is a skinny 30 pounder so if you have a chubbier 30 pounder the tabs would obviously be father apart.
Bear with my wiggly boy in the next two pictures. Here is a side shot of the fitted. This is with the snap in liner. It is very trim. For the extra side snap on this diaper to help prevent the wing droop I had it set to the last snap on the out sides of the diaper.
In this picture you can see the two snaps that are used to keep the liner attached. The fitted is very trim from the back angle as well. Almost seems like undies.
Then I used the fitted from Star Baby on my 9 month old 20 pound son. I had to cross the tabs over on him. There is more than one snap that you can use for crossing over which is nice if you have a new baby that is tiny and need them to go over as far as possible. I believe I snap this on the first cross over tab.
I also have the rise for him set on the second row down. It of course adds a little more bunched up fabric in the crotch area but it is not bulky at all.
When you look at the lower part of this picture on the hip you will see one red snap. This is for the wing droop snap. See how far back it is? Its great for keeping the front of the diaper from sagging down! The snap on the top of the bum is where the liner snaps in. This has a nice trim fit on my 9 month old as well!
And here is the bum shot from the top. He was getting wiggly so it looks a little bubbly but it is a nice fit. There is also elastic in the back along the waist which is nice!
What to I think of Star Baby Designs Fitted?

I am very please with how this fitted works and is designed. The fit is great, nice and trim and I love the wing droop snap. I have had lots of problems with diapers on my skinny 2 1/2 year old falling down in the front so this is a feature that I love! The outer part of the diaper is nice and thin and the snap in liner is made with two pieces sewn together which is great for drying. I like a diaper that will dry in one dryer cycle. The fit was nice on both of my boys, it was very trim and fit great with a cover under the boys' normal size jeans. The materials available to choose from are so cute. I let my 2 year old run around in this fitted with out a cover and just keep an eye on it so it doesn't get to wet and leave wet spots on the furniture. This is nice and trim between the legs too. Some diapers that I have are either really wide or have a lot of material that has to go between the legs and it just doesn't seem comfortable but this fitted seems to not have either of those problems. My toddler didn't complain at all about this fitted being uncomfortable.

If you would like to purchase a fitted from Star Baby Designs you can go here or here. They run about 18-20 a piece depending on what you get. The new born fitteds are around 11-12 dollars and look like the dip down in the front for the umbilical cord.

*Star Baby Designs sent me a custom fitted to use and review. I was not paid to write this review and the opinions expressed are my own and the experiences I had may differ from yours.*


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