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March 15, 2011

OsoCozy Prefold

When it comes to prefolds there isn't a whole lot as far as differences go. They are all rectangle (although different sizes), and they all can go on the baby the same ways. The major difference in prefolds is the material used to make them. The Osocozy prefold is made of 100% unbleached cotton, twill weaved with Indian cotton. Upon first receiving this prefold from Natural Family Supplies I gave it a good look over. It looked a lot like my Bummis cotton prefolds (same color and same size). I even compared stitching and couldn't really find any differences. The quality of the OsoCozy prefold is very good.
Here is a close up of the fabric (before washing). I'm surprised my camera took this nice of a picture! After washing the fabric obviously looks different. Its a lot softer and more comfy.
Here is the prefold after being washed up. You can see from the picture that it doesn't look as stiff and it is more fluffy.
Here is the prefold on my younger son. Because he doesn't need as high of a rise as this prefold can offer I simply folded the front of it down. You can see that in this picture. I used a snappi to secure the prefold on, although you don't have to use a snappi to hold on prefolds. Simply lying the prefold in a cover and securing it on with the cover works just as well.
Here is the prefold on my toddler. Exact same prefold but because he requires a larger rise I didn't fold the top of it over. I left it up and it works just as great! I used the snappi again for the prefold but like I said before, you don't have to use one.
My thoughts on the OsoCozy Prefold:
This prefold is quite similar to the Bummis prefolds I own. The quality of it is quite high and I was very happy with it. It doesn't seem to have any threads coming loose, it stays nice and soft after washing and drying and it seems to hold a good amount of pee. I haven't had any issues getting the snappi to hook on to this prefold as I have had with other brands. The price of this OsoCozy prefold is pretty good. If you by them individually they are $2.50 which is equal to the cost of the Bummis prefolds which you have to buy in a 6 packs. If you buy the OsoCozy prefold by the dozen the price drops down to 1.70 a piece vs. the 2.50.

*I was given an OsoCozy prefold to use and review. I was not paid for this review, it is of my own opinion and my experience may differ from yours.*


Boise Wiebers said...

Hi. I had troubles with the cover link. At their website there is a Wallypop PUL cover, but no fleece. Also your form calls it a Wolly Pop Cleece cover, not a Wallypop Fleece cover. =)

Two Little Monkeys said...

I had the same trouble as the previous comment. I picked a color from the PUL and based one what I thought but I can't find the fleece covers anywhere on their site.

JLJMommy said...

Entered! Thank you!

the single mama said...

Thanks for the chance! :)

caedmen said...


EmilyC said...

Thanks for another fun giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I can't wait to find out if I won.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any advice on prepping the Osocozys?? I have boiled, washed and dried on hot (non HE washer) about 6 times and they STILL don't feel very soft?? They are quilted, but I just can't tell of they are prepped enough. My son isn't due for another 10 days but I want them ready to go and I'm afraid that they might not be! How can I tell? Thanks for any help!

Anonymous said...

Is this Size 1 prefold?

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